Monday, May 3, 2010

Sinful Sale at Walgreen's

Buy One Get 50% Off has never impressed me much, but the polishes are only $2 full price, so it's a pretty decent sale. I guess it will last through Saturday.

Sinful Nail Junkie
Sinful Call You Later
Sinful Sugar Sugar


  1. I'm off to Walgreens tomorrow then. LOL
    I really like the looks of Sugar Sugar. :)

  2. I love sinful colors; thanks for the heads-up! Also, Nail Junkie looks like it could be a totally awesome top coat.

  3. oh I like the red sugar sugar. Sinful colors are $9 where I live! eek!

  4. I have "Nail Junkie" and it is my favorite!

  5. Uh oh, gotta get to a Walgreens now! However I have a feeling they won't be as cheap as you got them at...

  6. So I was randomly at Walgreens yesterday & I saw the Sinful Colors display with a large "Buy One get One 50% off! Sinful Colors Nail Polish Now 2/$2.98 Reg. $1.99 each." Of course I got some but then I was bummed at the register when they rang up normally.. and of course I didn't notice the problem until I had already paid for it. Anyway the manager thought I was nuts until I walked her to the display, she ripped down the sign but gave me the discount anyway.. Weird but I got four polishes anyway..