Thursday, February 18, 2010

BleachBlack Dick Weed

Got hipped to this by a friend, dude.

It looks jawdropping in the advertising picture doesn't it???? I thought it would be like wearing the carapace of a beetle or a bluebottle fly.

It's pretty but it's basically shimmer in a smoky jelly base. It needed to be a fully pigmented color and have more metallic to it.

BleachBlack Dick Weed:
BleachBlack Dick Weed

Looks like a not so shiny Zoya Akyra.
Zoya Akyra

Color Club Emerald Depths is better too. Both are cheaper.
Color Club Emerald Depths


  1. The color of your two alternatives may indeed be better, but they both lack one vital thing:

    Neither of them are named Dick Weed.

  2. I would seriously buy the nail polish for the name alone. Plus, I'd get a cheap thrill out of telling people, "The color name is Dick Weed."

  3. Ah but three things - the bottle doesn't have the name Dick Weed on it which I agree is an incredible name, the name doesn't show on your fingers, people would have to ask unless you gleefully shout it at everyone, and most important - you can tell people ANY name you want. You can say you are wearing Dick Weed even if you are wearing zoya. :D

    I sense a contest coming on.

  4. That green is so gorgeous! It's so glowly and beautiful!

  5. I was a little disappointed when I saw it on the nail. Not nearly as awesome as I had thought it would be. Like everyone else though, I'd buy this just for the name.

  6. I wonder what would happen if you frankensteined the Dick Weed with Emerald Depths and perhaps a little black polish with some sparklies?

    Ok, time for a silly question (and I apologize if you have a post about this):

    In your opinion, what factors make the difference between jellies, cremes, frosts, holos, shimmers, etc? I have a basic sense of all, but am muddy on the exact distinction between the similar ones (shimmer vs frost, jelly vs creme).

  7. I'd buy any colour if it was named Dick Weed. Hahaha!