Friday, January 8, 2010

Your Boobs and Real Support.

Whether or not you are on facebook, you may have heard of the meme that is going around, people on facebook are posting their bra color. Supposedly this is supposed to help breast cancer in some way, not just excite the guys around you. I think it's just too little. So I started my own meme on facebook. PLEASE either email this or message this to friends on facebook and elsewhere, let's make the ineffectual bra color meme actually do something useful!!!

We've all seen the colors posted on facebook. It's women posting the color of the bra they are wearing, to raise breast cancer awareness. Well, I don't think I know of anyone that doesn't know that both breasts and breast cancer exist! Let's do something REAL to support breast health. Men love'em, we love'em. Let's keep them safe.

So instead of taking a whole five seconds to type a color on facebook, do something to really help breast cancer. Go to and donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure! ONE DOLLAR is all you need to donate. You can do it online. Is one dollar too much to save your favorite boob? When we all donate one dollar, it makes a difference and doesn't cause a hardship for any of us.

THEN post, telling everyone you know and love how they can do something inexpensive yet real to help breasts everywhere. You can even include your bra color in the post.

Please send this to all your friends on facebook, male and female, so we can make this bra color meme actually do some good, not just words on a screen!!


If you send this as a private message on facebook, it will link people right to the Susan G Komen Donate page, and I used the pink rose as the icon .


  1. my friend posted this on her facebook and i loved it so here is another way to help out:

    Please visit this website and click the pink button to help fund mammograms for women in need. 100% of the money from the site's advertisers goes directly to their charity partners to provide mammograms for women that need them.

    You can also sign a petition to urge senators to co-sponsor the EARLY Act, which would educate young women about breast cancer. Breast cancer is often more agressive in young women and detected in later stages due to the lack of awareness. You can sign the petition here:

  2. Posted. :) took me 3 notes to tag all the for the men.