Monday, December 28, 2009

Back from Holidays! And MAC Crap!

Wow that was a long vacation away! I missed you and felt bad I was so lazy. Anyway I am back and I bring crappy news.

I didn't even buy the three new MAC polishes that are newly out. It wasn't even worth it to buy them, swatch them, then return them and tell my favorite MAC salesperson/diva how shitty they are.

Three cremes, a medium reddish brown named Dim the Lights and a light peachish pink called Blissed Out are in the Warm & Cozy Collection, and a mushy flabby taupe called Light Affair is in the Love Lace Collection. Boring crap in a bottle. Give me something Wet n' Wild doesn't do better for $2. What do you think I am, a moron? I can buy that at the dollar store, not Nordstrom for $12. Why are you sometimes a genius and sometimes downright insulting, MAC???

Anyway here are the pictures from MAC. Believe me when I say they are FAR more flattering than the reality.

MAC Blissed Out:

MAC Light Affair:

MAC Dim the Lights:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Glittermas!!!!

MOAR GLITAR!!!!!!! Oh yes, because nothing is better than glitter for the Holidays.

The Zoya Ultra Glitter Collection is two pinks and a silver, so I got the pink I thought I would like best. And I like it very much! Nice, easy full glitter coverage!!
Zoya Astra:
Zoya Astra

Sinful Euro Trash is teensy rainbow glitter in a sheerish gold frost base. Reminds me a lot of China Glaze Cowardly Lyin'.
Sinful Euro Trash

Sally Beauty's Sally Girl line of cosmetics are mini, and cheap as dirt. Even without a Sally Card their polishes are $0.79 or something. These are cute small glitter and large hexagon glitter in gold and silver. Great alone or as topcoats. Also seems to me these would be super for kids (male and female, let's expand the horizons of our culture!) who wanna emulate Mom or have something sparkly on their nails.
Sally Girl Chunky Gold Glitter:
Sally Girl Chunky Gold Glitter
Sally Girl Chunky Silver Glitter:
Sally Girl Chunky Silver Glitter

Sinful UFO, peachy orange jelly with small opalescent glitter. Reminds me of Dreamsicles.
Sinful UFO

Barry M Blue Glitter, fantastic easy coverage. This is in a slightly charcoal colored clear base, and it adds so much depth. Great coverage with two coats.
Barry M Blue Glitter

Zoya Soho Punch. I guess this is more of a sheer shimmer. But I swatched it with the rest and I am posting it, O By Gosh By Golly.
Zoya Soho Punch

GOSH Bright Passion. Ah, passion, yes. Rainbow strip glitter? In a charcoal jelly base? WHO MADE THIS AND DIDN'T ALERT ME??? Ride Santa hard and put him away wet, cause I love this polish!!
GOSH Bright Passion

And for no reason whatsoever here is GOSH Bright passion with matte topcoat.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays. I'd like to invite you all to a period festivity where we all dress in houppelandes and sing Good King Wenceslas to lutes and sacbut, but I don't think my neighbors would enjoy the sacbut. You'll be there in my heart.

China Glaze Techno and China Glaze Nova Comparison

Danica asked me what the difference between China Glaze Techno and Nova is. Viola!

Techno is a smattering of tiny glitter and a loose assortment of hexagons, all in rainbow/prismatic.
China Glaze Techno

Nova is small rainbow glitter, and lots of it.
China Glaze Nova


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

S'More China Glaze Glitters!

Yay! I can has moar glitar?? I has a glitar!! I can no has long fingarnalez, tho. U forgiv?

China Glaze Dynasty is kind of a dark rose. But it has a bit of red in it, sometimes I almost think this is brick red. It has small rainbow glitter.
China Glaze Dynasty

China Glaze Techno, large rainbow hexagons and small rainbow glitter in a clear base. Dab this one on, don't stroke it, so you get good coverage on the hexagons.
China Glaze Techno

China Glaze Sour Apple - what else? Apple green jelly with small opalescent glitter in it. Nice! This is two coats I believe.
China Glaze Sour Apple

China Glaze Mahoganie is on the browner side of brick red. It has small rainbow glitter.
China Glaze Mahoganie

China Glaze Shooting Stars, I think this is indispensible. It's got tons of microglitter in nice opalescent shades, and big opalescent hexagons. It layers so beautifully over other polishes!! This is only two coats, it has great coverage!
China Glaze Shooting Stars

Ther is moar glitar in teh futur!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Island Girl Nail Polish

I dunno who makes this polish, Island Girl, but it has a VERY familiar sort of daisy shape on the top of the cap (no not Color Club). But it is sold at these stores in the mall called "ABC", which are the kind of convenience store that preys on hungry/needy shoppers and tourists and sells them massively overpriced items. I always ignore it until one day the corner of my eye caught a big nail polish display! These are only $2.99 and they have a large array of colors, but they are mostly very bright and/or glittery. So if you like that search them out.

I bought four but one ran away. I have no idea where it is, I mean it.

Island Girl Island Color is tiny pink and silver glitter, very opaque with a few coats.
Island Girl Island Color

Island Girl Island Volcanic is not volcanic, but it is a very nice blue semi-metallic. It has this neat grainy quality I really like. Reminds me very much of NDB Midnight. Easy to apply, and one coat perfect.
Island Girl Island Volcanic

Island Girl Mahalo Dream - Very sheer orangy-pink jelly with rainbow glitter.
Island Girl Mahalo Dream

Sunday, December 13, 2009

FingerPaints Holiday Collection

I like FingerPaints. They have a good formula, easy to apply, looks great. Their holiday collection is six shimmers. I did not get the medium red with very fine subtle gold shimmer (Snowman's Scarf), it just looked like a ton of other stuff to me. Also I did not get Sparkling Snow, which is your standard silver shimmer. IMO if you have one you have them all.

The other four are pretty nice, though! the shimmer in most of these is large grain, almost like clear sheets. It's neat. It manages to be subtle and yet impactful. If glitter is a rhinestone covered dress, and shimmer is a sequinned dress, this is a satin dress. If you get me. It shines yet it is not on your face. If you can wear these color shades to work, you won't be worried they'll be too bling and get you a raised eyebrow. I think they're sophisticated.

FingerPaints Candy Cane Shimmer is a medium red with smaller shimmer than the other polishes. The thing about this is it really does kind of have a satin sheen, rather than any shimmer. And the genius of this polish is that it looks EXACTLY like the red ribbon you buy at the store to wrap presents with. Not the new prismatic or mylar ones, the old style. Go check it out and see! I think it's so cool.
FingerPaints Candy Cane Shimmer

FingerPaints Decked With Dazzle is my least favorite. It's a reddish purple, kinda a red grape look. It has very nice chunky shimmer, but it's very sheer. It's pretty but I am not wowed. But you may be and the quality is nice, just the sheerness was unwelcome.
FingerPaints Decked With Dazzle

Gorgeous deep purple with the same chunky shimmer, FingerPaints Icy Iris is absolutely taking a place in my "keep" pile.
FingerPaints Icy Iris

The clear queen of the bunch is FingerPaints Evergreen Dreams. Wow, a green not named after Envy. Imagine that! It's a gorgeous emerald green shimmer. One incredibly cool thing about it is when you apply a matte topcoat, it looks EXACTLY like Zoya Veruschka, which I will be demonstrating in the next couple of days when I review the Zoya Matte collection which came out a while ago, which I somehow neglected to be sent review copies of. :disgruntled and horrified face: Grin. Anyway this is a winner.
FingerPaints Evergreen Dream

Here's FingerPaints Evergreen Dream first topped with Hard Candy Break Up, then FingerPaints Evergreen Dream topped with Hard Candy Break Up and Essie Matte About You topcoat! What I won't do for fun, eh?

Friday, December 11, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday!?

Why yes I do! Here's what I wore tonight, you may find it's a nice holiday idea. Also you can see how pathetic my nails are right now, hence why I am wearing fakes for photos.

China Glaze The Ten Man topped with China Glaze Shooting Stars:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hard Candy New Polishes at Walmart

These are a fine formula. They seem to be a lot of dupes of other polishes, so if the polish you want to dupe is over $5, you can buy these. Some of the polishes are quite pretty!

Hard Candy Envy is a black jelly with dark bluish green shimmer. Screams Zoya Suvi with way less shimmer. This is less $$ but also less pretty.
Hard Candy Envy

Hard Candy Hot Pants. When I saw this I said "Oh, hey! Nubar!" But it's cheaper and just as nice as their jelly glitters, so hey why not?
Hard Candy Hot Pants

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. Now this is a fairly close dupe of the incredible Sally Arabian Night I posted not too long ago, and while the base color isn't quite the same (I think Sally's is prettier) there is far more golden shimmer here, this is a STUNNER I would suggest everyone buy!!
Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

There's another I have but I haven't swatched it yet. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MollyHell's Grab Bag! - Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing

Do I need to type anything but this is available now??

Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing:
Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Orly Metallic Matte Collection

Been on vacation but I am back!!

As you can probably tell from the pictures, these are a lot like OPI's Suede Collection. A nice satiny finish with a ton of metal shimmer underneath. Tons of texture and depth. They give us a couple nice new shades for matte, gold and bronze, and we have the black already but it's very nice in the satin/suede finish!

These apply just like regular polishes, and do not dry too fast. But try hard to remove any overlap, or brushstrokes that clump, because it will show up in the final polish. Just mess with it til it is smooth.

Orly Glam Rock:
Orly Glam Rock

Orly Iron Butterfly:
Orly Iron Butterfly

Orly Solid Gold:
Orly Solid Gold