Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hard Candy New Polishes at Walmart

These are a fine formula. They seem to be a lot of dupes of other polishes, so if the polish you want to dupe is over $5, you can buy these. Some of the polishes are quite pretty!

Hard Candy Envy is a black jelly with dark bluish green shimmer. Screams Zoya Suvi with way less shimmer. This is less $$ but also less pretty.
Hard Candy Envy

Hard Candy Hot Pants. When I saw this I said "Oh, hey! Nubar!" But it's cheaper and just as nice as their jelly glitters, so hey why not?
Hard Candy Hot Pants

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. Now this is a fairly close dupe of the incredible Sally Arabian Night I posted not too long ago, and while the base color isn't quite the same (I think Sally's is prettier) there is far more golden shimmer here, this is a STUNNER I would suggest everyone buy!!
Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

There's another I have but I haven't swatched it yet. Stay tuned.


  1. Cool review. I will have to check out Walmart when I get there.

  2. I love that Envy. I really like super dark colors that are close to black, but aren't. Plus it shimmers, which I love too.

  3. Great swatches! I love Mr. Wrong :) Envy looks a lot like Zoya Envy, except with glitter.

  4. I love Mr. Wrong! The Walmart I went to only had like 3 polishes, and Mr. Wrong looked the best. I'm very pleased with it :)

  5. I love Mr. Wrong, i think i will pick up Hot Pants too

  6. I adore Mr. Wrong, it is such a great color!

  7. I really like the teal one but my Walmart is always out of it! I should get Mr. Wrong though, looks great!