Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Glittermas!!!!

MOAR GLITAR!!!!!!! Oh yes, because nothing is better than glitter for the Holidays.

The Zoya Ultra Glitter Collection is two pinks and a silver, so I got the pink I thought I would like best. And I like it very much! Nice, easy full glitter coverage!!
Zoya Astra:
Zoya Astra

Sinful Euro Trash is teensy rainbow glitter in a sheerish gold frost base. Reminds me a lot of China Glaze Cowardly Lyin'.
Sinful Euro Trash

Sally Beauty's Sally Girl line of cosmetics are mini, and cheap as dirt. Even without a Sally Card their polishes are $0.79 or something. These are cute small glitter and large hexagon glitter in gold and silver. Great alone or as topcoats. Also seems to me these would be super for kids (male and female, let's expand the horizons of our culture!) who wanna emulate Mom or have something sparkly on their nails.
Sally Girl Chunky Gold Glitter:
Sally Girl Chunky Gold Glitter
Sally Girl Chunky Silver Glitter:
Sally Girl Chunky Silver Glitter

Sinful UFO, peachy orange jelly with small opalescent glitter. Reminds me of Dreamsicles.
Sinful UFO

Barry M Blue Glitter, fantastic easy coverage. This is in a slightly charcoal colored clear base, and it adds so much depth. Great coverage with two coats.
Barry M Blue Glitter

Zoya Soho Punch. I guess this is more of a sheer shimmer. But I swatched it with the rest and I am posting it, O By Gosh By Golly.
Zoya Soho Punch

GOSH Bright Passion. Ah, passion, yes. Rainbow strip glitter? In a charcoal jelly base? WHO MADE THIS AND DIDN'T ALERT ME??? Ride Santa hard and put him away wet, cause I love this polish!!
GOSH Bright Passion

And for no reason whatsoever here is GOSH Bright passion with matte topcoat.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays. I'd like to invite you all to a period festivity where we all dress in houppelandes and sing Good King Wenceslas to lutes and sacbut, but I don't think my neighbors would enjoy the sacbut. You'll be there in my heart.


  1. That sounds like an awesome party idea. :D

    My little cousins (both boys) used to love getting their nails painted with us girls. With fun colors, too! I think they only stopped when the peer pressure kicked in, alas.

  2. Barry M glitter LOVE! I'm always looking for more Barry M, have to add blue glitter to my wishlist!

  3. I just got Zoya-Luna in the mail on MOnday adn lets just say it is an awesome silver glitter!

  4. GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER! The Barry M shade is gorgeous! Never seen that one before, must keep a look out for that one next time I go shopping

  5. You crack me up.. haha

    So, I picked up GOSH's Bright Lights as well on a recent binge... how many coats did you use to get the black base to show??

  6. I think that was three coats on the GOSH, VeryCherie!

  7. Just got all three Zoya glitters in the mail today and omg, they are soooo pretty, especially Astra!

  8. I have a few of these. Glad I didn't buy Cowardly Lyin'. I have the Sinful Colors. Wish I had the GOSH. That is pretty.