Wednesday, December 16, 2009

S'More China Glaze Glitters!

Yay! I can has moar glitar?? I has a glitar!! I can no has long fingarnalez, tho. U forgiv?

China Glaze Dynasty is kind of a dark rose. But it has a bit of red in it, sometimes I almost think this is brick red. It has small rainbow glitter.
China Glaze Dynasty

China Glaze Techno, large rainbow hexagons and small rainbow glitter in a clear base. Dab this one on, don't stroke it, so you get good coverage on the hexagons.
China Glaze Techno

China Glaze Sour Apple - what else? Apple green jelly with small opalescent glitter in it. Nice! This is two coats I believe.
China Glaze Sour Apple

China Glaze Mahoganie is on the browner side of brick red. It has small rainbow glitter.
China Glaze Mahoganie

China Glaze Shooting Stars, I think this is indispensible. It's got tons of microglitter in nice opalescent shades, and big opalescent hexagons. It layers so beautifully over other polishes!! This is only two coats, it has great coverage!
China Glaze Shooting Stars

Ther is moar glitar in teh futur!!


  1. The new length is perfect! Me likes!:)

  2. I haz a drool! :D And I like the new length too. :)

  3. I iz in lub wif da new nail length, iz very hawt!

  4. Shooting Stars, i need it to yesterday!!

  5. No long nails! No I no forgive. But what if I want to stroke it though? Heh, sorry.

  6. My favorite is Mahoganie. Love that color. I have short short nubbins, so your nails are like daggers to me.