Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI DS Signature

A lovely deep rose semi-holo. I call it semi-holo because I don't think it's quite there. Just a bit too little glitter. But I like it fine.

OPI DS Signature:
OPI DS Signature

Monday, September 28, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Black Tie Optional

As you can see this is one of my earliest pics. An old cult favorite, BTO is. I think it's hot as hell!

OPI Black Tie Optional:
OPI Black Tie Optional

Sunday, September 27, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Hollywood and Wine

Who can resist a great deep red vampy jelly?

OPI Hollywood and Wine:
OPI Hollywood and Wine

Saturday, September 26, 2009

O! A Daily OPI - OPI Windy City Pretty

I gave this one away. I wonder why I was so dumb?

OPI Windy City Pretty:
OPI Windy City Pretty

Friday, September 25, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

What better day to feature OPI Lincoln Park After Dark than today? I remembered this lighter than it is. I don't really see the point. It's only purple to me because I KNOW it's purple. It's the merest subliminal hint of purple. I might as well be wearing black.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark:
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

MAC Style Black Polishes!

Okay yeah the world has had black polishes forevah! But luckily MAC brought, finally, some real thought and excitement to its polish this year. I love pretty much the whole Style Black collection, and will post about it later, but for now you need to see the polishes and buy them before they go away, and believe me these WILL go fast.

MAC Nocturnelle, glossy black jelly. No surprises here except for the fact it's a jelly not a creme. Who woke up to realize jellies exist?? A little hard to work with, and it bubbled and stained me a bit. I prefer China Glaze Liquid Leather. But this isn't a ripoff or anything, like most of the Trend Fall/Winter colors were.
MAC Nocturnelle

MAC Seriously Hip is like they took my beloved OPI At Your Quebec & Call, made the shimmer grain larger, and dipped it in black jelly. FINALLY something new and exciting!! All is forgiven, MAC, come here and let me kiss you.
MAC Seriously Hip

MAC Baby Goth Girl is another riff on the red-in-black-jelly idea, this time with a deeper more purplish wine red instead of a ruby red sequin feel. This is also a shimmer not a glitter. This makes it deeper, more sophisticated, yet no less sexy and shimmery than the ruby reds. And it was so easy to work with this is only one coat! Dunno about the name, this is not Baby anything, this is a hot woman who gets what she wants. I absolutely love it. SO Vampire. I want to see Eric wearing it.
MAC Baby Goth Girl

Thursday, September 24, 2009

OPI Mattes and Some Ways to Salvage Your Money

I love OPI. It's a great brand. Not too daring though, and not too savvy about edgy trends. Their mattes for instance. If I wanted my nails to look like I painted them with flat finish house paint, well, I would do so. And get better colors, OPI. The matte collection is some apparent best selling colors they just happened to make matte. They didn't go the way of Zoya, ManGlaze, Nubar, no, they just said well, just make the finishes flat, that's what the others are doing right? And needless to say the Sephora by OPI mattes are just as bad, though better colors!

I haven't gotten the Suedes yet, I hope they came out because OPI realized their massive flub and corrected it. Good matte nail polish has DEPTH. Matte does not equal flat!

I did not buy all the colors. I did not get the matte You Don't Know Jacques, as I don't need dirt colored nails. But I got the others.

OPI Alpine Snow Matte. Not too terribly fail, a completely flat white is actually kinda cool. Also useful, as I will demonstrate.:
OPI Alpine Snow Matte

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte. Almost black when gloss, a blackish mess matte:
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

Russian Navy Matte. Loses every bit of the beauty of the gloss formula. Why bother, this might as well be the LPAD matte, they are both almost black.:
OPI Russian Navy Matte

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic. Great color, if not great texture.:
Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte, the one real success. They left in the blurple shimmer and it lends depth and pizazz to this. I actually love this.:
OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte

Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack? besides the insulting name, this lackluster black couldn't lick the dirty bootsoles of ANY of the other black mattes out.:
Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack?

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape Matte. Wow I have green housepaint on my nails.:
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape Matte

Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess. Nice color.:
Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess

Okay so now is where I brought in the Alpine Snow. What if we mixed some Alpine Snow matte into the desperately useless Lincoln Park matte and Russian Navy matte? You might find the results worth it.

Twenty drops of Lincoln Park After Dark Matte to five drops Alpine Snow Matte gets us this: not a huge change but more wearable, kinda. Not one of the more fixable polishes, as it is highly pigmented. You'd need more white to make it lighter than I have it.

Four parts Russian Navy Matte to one part Alpine Snow Matte gets us this: I added a bit of glitter, to mediocre success. Sigh.
Matte Mixer

What if we use Alpine Snow Matte with another nigh on useless OPI, Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow? I like it. Once again five drops Aline Snow Matte to twenty drops of Aragon.

Eh there's my try at it.

Tyler Durden's opinion of OPI Mattes:
You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter is really great. It's a black jelly with very fine silver glitter in it, and fine cobalt glitter. The cobalt glitter tends to flash out with one huge chunk of light here and there on the nail, kinda like people are taking pictures on your nails, but the flash is blue. If you get me. I LOVE this. Totally red carpet.

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter:
OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Give Me the Moon

OPI Give Me the Moon is a more opaque version of OPI Breathe, it's also a darker blue.

OPI Give Me the Moon:
OPI Give Me the Moon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

Sigh. I am not up to reswatching these past couple weeks. But hopefully this pic isn't too awful. I love this one!

OPI It's a Doozi, Says Suzi:
OPI It's a Doozi, Says Suzi

Monday, September 21, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI French Bordeaux

OPI French Bordeaux is a medium red with blurple shimmer. It's another that was rereleased this year in the Colorcopia collection. I don't like it. Many do, and while I don't love it, that you do is enough for me.

OPI French Bordeaux
OPI French Bordeaux

Sunday, September 20, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Sanderella

DAMN this is an old picture! Well, six months old or so. Kinda goes with Blue Moon Lagoon doesn't it, the soft pastel holographic thing. I need to reswatch this one.

OPI Sanderella:
OPI Sanderella

Saturday, September 19, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

Not quite my style, but I think it's pretty and summery, and of course I love the holographics.

OPI Blue Moon Lagoon:
OPI Blue Moon Lagoon

Friday, September 18, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI At Your Quebec & Call

JUMPING COCK-A-LEEKIE SOUP I LOVE THIS!!!! Notice the green and copper shimmers in there? HOLD ME BACK I'M BUYING 50 BOTTLES.

OPI At Your Quebec & Call:
OPI At Your Quebec & Call

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wet n' Wild Halloween Polishes and Some Crazes

I love Halloween polishes. I love Fall stuff best because I like rich colors and fun stuff like spooky colors, vampies, and glitter. I'll get the OPI and China Glaze stuff in due time but meanwhile I got the Wet n' Wild Halloween polishes, and a few of the Crazes, which I thought were okay but nothing special.

I got all of the polishes except one that was in a special pack, and it was a standard, boring red. I haven't pictured Black Pearl, I will when I find it, but it's just a standard black creme. Wet n' Wild goes on just fine. If anything it's a bit on the watery side. The glitters are sparse and in a clear base, you could put them on all day and not get full coverage. You could wear them sheer, or over something. They're fun, cheap polish. All of these pictures are two coats, no top coat.

Wet n' Wild Black Magic is a fun multicolored strip glitter in a clear base. I SO wish this had more glitter in it, I love strip glitter.:
Wet n' Wild Black Magic

Wet n' Wild Night Glow, a sheer slightly yellowish topcoat, is supposed to glow in the dark. It kinda does, after a fashion, if you look really hard. This is a waste of time and money.:
Wet n' Wild Night Glow

Wet n' Wild Deception looks kinda like if someone put shimmer in dried blood. I totally love this color. I think it's smokin'.:
Wet n' Wild Deception

Wet n' Wild Magical is very fine gold glitter and slightly larger copper glitter in a clear base. I like this, it would make a nice topcoat, or even alone I think it's pretty, even if it is sheer. Reminds me of the new Sinful All About You glitter, same idea of old gold and a bit of copper glitter to give it pop. Sinful is the better choice, IMO, because the ratio of glitter to clear polish is higher.:
Wet n' Wild Magical

They also sell two little bottles of holographic glitter, a silver and a pale rose pink. Nice!!! I'll be having fun with these!:

The new Wet n' Wild Craze line is basically just cheap polish with a few more contemporary fashion colors than Wet n' Wild usually carries. I only bought a few, the only other one I kind of wanted was a teal shimmer in black, and I have Zoya Akyra for that. They are fun cheap substitutes for more expensive polishes in similar colors. They're fairly basic.

Wet n' Wild Glitz is a hot pink glitter with some blue. The grain is medium, and it's far too sheer. Gets washed out. Not a favorite, and I love glitter.:
Wet n' Wild Glitz

Wet n' Wild Inferno, bright orange with gold shimmer.:
Wet n Wild Inferno

Wet n' Wild Jade, medium green with gold shimmer, pretty standard.:
Wet n Wild Jade

Wet n' Wild Rustic, a nice bronze shimmer. I like this one. Compare it to the much pricier Butter London The Old Bill. This is warmer, prettier, and cheaper.
Wet n Wild Rustic

So run out to your local drugstore now, if ya want'em!!

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Yokohama Twilight

I totally love OPI Yokohama Twilight, and I pretty much hate frosts.

OPI Yokohama Twilight:
OPI Yokohama Twilight

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Russian Navy

A reader, KellieGonzo, sent me this! It's a great duochrome shimmer, navy and purple. As usual, as with most duochromes, I only caught one phase. This is the navy phase, obviously, and it would be nice enough just like this, I think.

OPI Russian Navy:
OPI Russian Navy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Hey I love deep burgundies. So this is a hit with me. I like the name too! I'll likely redo this old picture in a few days when my nails grow longer :eyeroll:

OPI Black Cherry Chutney:
OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Monday, September 14, 2009

New China Glaze Glitters!

Okay you've probably heard about the new China Glaze glitters, fifty of them, which are slowly being released. And you may have heard about the Sally Beauty exclusive ones also. I got these last week and they do not disappoint, in fact they fucking rock. I have a couple new all time favorite polishes!!

The best thing about these polishes is the ease of use and coverage. ALL of the following pictures are only *two* coats. And Ginger, Meteor Showers, and Cosmic could be one coat, if need be. The super thick glitter coverage, the ease of application, the eye popping flash of these glitters make them some of the best I have ever seen if not THE best I have ever seen. These rock out with their cock out. I love them. The Sally Beauty exclusives are simpler, just glitter in clear polish, but the brightness, size and great coverage (once again, only two coats) make them superior to other glitters, whether they be wear alone or topcoats.

So let's stop with the babbling and start the eye-popping goodness.

China Glaze Bad Kitty, a beautiful deep pink jelly, medium sheer, with medium grain opalescent glitter:
China Glaze Bad Kitty

China Glaze Cosmic, a black creme with small grain silver glitter and large rainbow glitter. A lot like Icing Blackout but a hell of a lot easier to apply, better formula:
China Glaze Cosmic

China Glaze Medallion. Small gold and silver glitter with large rainbow glitter. Shiny as hell.:
China Glaze Medallion

China Glaze Preppy Pink is a super Barbie pink creme with large opalescent glitter. So girly and sweet, just super hot. Pink isn't a huge fave of mine but this makes me crazy.:
China Glaze Preppy Pink

China Glaze Atlantis. Reminds me of BB Couture Sea of Cortez, and then makes me think I don't need another bottle of it now that I have Atlantis. This deep water ocean blue/green jelly is chock full of large rainbow glitter and small silver glitter.:
China Glaze Atlantis

China Glaze Ginger is a copper/bronze metallic frost with silver and rainbow glitter. There's less rainbow glitter in this than the others. The effect is of rough, gleaming metal with intermittent rainbow flash. Totally hot.:
China Glaze Ginger

China Glaze Nova. Small Silver and large rainbow glitter in clear polish. Tons of rainbow glitter. this is like being covered in sequins!:
China Glaze Nova

China Glaze Meteor Shower is my new absolute favorite blue of all time. It's a very deep navy blue creme stuffed with large opalescent glitter. I wish my picture could show you how truly gorgeous it is.:
China Glaze Meteor Shower

China Glaze Carnival Lights, another addition to my favorite polishes. This rich rose colored jelly also has a metric fuckton of small silver and large rainbow glitter. My husband had appreciative, slutty things to say about it. I agree, it's hot as hell.:
China Glaze Carnival Lights

China Glaze Cleopatra is small old gold color and small rainbow glitter in a clear base. Extremely flashy, blingier than the picture.:
China Glaze Cleopatra

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Purple With a Purpose

I love Purple With a Purpose. It's such a beautiful shade, so full of vibrancy. And it has a lovely shimmer. Gorgeous if you like purples.

OPI Purple With a Purpose:
OPI Purple With a Purpose