Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Winners of the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection Polishes!!

Wow, this was a great giveaway! As my blog gets better known, I am getting a lot more entries, this one had 160 entries. I reply to every entry, so if you did not get a reply from me for your entry, you'll know for next time I didn't get it. Don't be worried if a few days go by before I answer you, though. Sometimes it takes a few days.

I had a lot of fun answers, as usual! Some of my favorites:

I'd been a major OPI diehard fan for YEARS but just recently I've been hearing a lot of buzz about China Glaze. And then, I don't remember the details, but I saw "For Audrey," and I was instantly in love!!! I think it's the prettiest, smoothest Robin's egg blue ever!!! I'd love to try more of their stuff<333

My favourite Chine Glaze's nail polish is Oh How Street It Is. When i paint my nails him – I feel like a Hollywood star! A small rhyme about Oh How Street It Is:
Sometimes its orange,
sometimes its red.
Applying is perfect,
And it is - the best.

My favourite China Glaze polish is "Ruby Pumps". I know it's a bit of a cliche, I just can't help loving its red glittery goodness!

My favorita CG polish (and this is a tough one to answer, I have many that I love) is For Audrey. Love the color, the name, and love how it was one of the first colors of its kind. LOVE the puzzled look on my ultraconservative, french manicures only family when they see me rocking it.

My favorite China Glaze polish is QT from the OMG collection. Why? Well, that was the very first polish who got me into loving nail polish! I've never really liked putting on nail polish before that one. Before I bought it I had never either heard of the word holographic before, or brands like China Glaze, OPI, Misa, Zoya etc.. Crazy isn't it?
It is still the only one I have a back-up of! Love it, love it, love it and it loves my skin tone too!

My favorite China Glaze is Tickle My Triangle, because I love holos and the name tickles my fancy. (That's just about the dumbest sentence I ever wrote, oh well!)

Hmm, it's tough for me to choose just one China Glaze polish as my favourite. I'd have to say "Blue Sparrow" because it's a cheerful blue with glass flecks. It's not just beautiful, but also it wears like iron. I literally wore it for 3 weeks straight without reapplying any top coat before I saw my first chip! Incredible since at work I'm typing on the keyboard constantly!
- Mary

My favourite China Glaze polish is without a doubt Emerald Sparkle. It has a perfect shade of green and it's festive and wonderful and makes me just look and look and look at my nails. Whenever I wear it I feel fabulous and imagine that everyone I meet looks at me and thinks I'm pretty. It doesn't get any better than that :)

My favorite China Glaze, as of now, is Frostbite. Why? It is one of the most glorious blues I have seen. It is bright without being neon, has beautiful shimmer, it seems to just pop and glow at the same time, and it always draws my eye to it. All in all, Frostbite just makes me stare and keep staring and I enjoy every second.
Thank you for your time,

The winners are Anneli Ronngard and Carrie Thomson! Congratulations! Since neither specified which set they had a preference for, they will be surprised by my choice. :D

For those who wondered what people voted, those that did name a favorite color voted as follows:
For Audrey: 16
Ruby Pumps: 13
Emerald Sparkle: 7
OMG!: 7
Shower Together: 5
Frostbite: 4
Rodeo Fanatic: 4
Watermelon Rind: 4
Recycle: 4
Blk-Bila-Bong: 3
Wagon Trail: 3
Coconut Kiss: 2
Flying Dragon: 2
Turned Up Turquoise: 2
Blue Sparrow Neon: 2
Kaleidoscope Him Out: 2
L8R G8R: 2
Tree Hugger: 2
Carribean Blue: 2
Stroll: 2
Martini Pedicure: 2
No Way Jose: 2
Let's Do It in 3-D: 2
Garter Belt : 2
Raspberry Festival: 2
Passion in the Pacific: 2
Limonyte: 1
Light My Tiki: 1
2Nite: 1
IDK: 1
Joy: 1
DV8: 1
My Turn: 1
He's Going in Circles: 1
Rated Holographic: 1
Secret Peri-wink-le: 1
Aqua Baby: 1
Paper Chasing: 1
Forbidden: 1
Bahamian Escape: 1
Spontaneous: 1
Vertical Rush: 1
Orange Marmalade: 1
Liquid Leather: 1
Grape Juice: 1
Visit Me in Prism: 1
Heaven: 1
Stella: 1
Agent Lavender: 1
Sky High Top: 1
White-Kwik-Silvr: 1
Cherry Pie: 1
Rich & Famous: 1
Strawberry Fields: 1
FYI: 1
Octo Gone Wild: 1
LOL: 1
QT: 1
St. Martini: 1
Hope Chest: 1
Let's Groove: 1
How About A Tumble: 1
Avalanche: 1
Tickle My Triangle: 1
Awakening: 1
Lubu Heels: 1
Beauty and the Beach: 1
Prize Winning Mare: 1
Groovy Green: 1
Pink Voltage: 1
Go Crazy Red: 1
Oh How Street It Is: 1
Midnight Ride: 1
Red Essence: 1

Thanks for another great giveaway!!!!


  1. How nice to have such a response. Congrats to the two winners. Enjoy painting your nails with all those yummy colors! I enjoyed reading what the favorite polishes are of your readers. Fun! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Loved it.

  2. Congrats to the winners! This is such a nice collection, you will love them all :)

  3. LOL! Anneli's having a GREAT week! She also won my BB Couture for Men giveaway at Polish or Perish. Congrats again, Anneli, and congrats to Carrie, too! :)

  4. Congratz to the winners :) Great responses from ppl :P can see mine wasnt so creative again :P But thanks for a great giveaway :)

  5. Right on! I didn't expect to win. Thanks so much for a fun contest, and it's fun to see other people's favorite colors.

  6. what a great giveaway :-) congrats to the winners! I really loved reading the entries, thanks for sharing!

  7. This was really fun. Even though I didn't win, I was so excited to see that you posted my answer on your blog! :D - Mary

  8. Cool! Love seeing what everyone chose as their fave!

  9. I'm on a roll right now, I said to my bf yesterday that I should buy a lottery ticket or something, I've been very lucky the last couple of weeks, which is weird because I usually the clumsy type who never wins anything. Must be all the green polish I'm wearing. :p

    Anyway, thank you! :)