Wednesday, September 2, 2009

O! A Daily OPI!! - OPI Significant Other Color

Okay I promised to show you what to put OPI Rent on top of. Significant Other Color is still a bit sheer but is so smooth. Pink and gold? Yes please.

OPI Significant Other Color:
OPI Significant Other Color


  1. I really like the color, but gave it away because it was so sheer. Too bad :(

  2. This one looks like something a fairy would be wearing. :) It's magical and looks very good on you.

  3. That is such a lovely shade on you. I agree with Nihrida. Very ethereal looking.

  4. I just purchased this thinking it would be a purply-gray color and it is a sheer pinkish green. I like it and may use it for a funky french. It does not look like the bottle color at all..
    While googling the color, I came upon your page. I like it. Interesting to see. :)