Thursday, February 18, 2010

BleachBlack Dick Weed

Got hipped to this by a friend, dude.

It looks jawdropping in the advertising picture doesn't it???? I thought it would be like wearing the carapace of a beetle or a bluebottle fly.

It's pretty but it's basically shimmer in a smoky jelly base. It needed to be a fully pigmented color and have more metallic to it.

BleachBlack Dick Weed:
BleachBlack Dick Weed

Looks like a not so shiny Zoya Akyra.
Zoya Akyra

Color Club Emerald Depths is better too. Both are cheaper.
Color Club Emerald Depths

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just got this email from Zoya!!

In honor of NYFW(New York Fashion Week) Zoya, The New Color of Fashion,
wants to give a "Fashion Reward" to all our followers and fans.

Place any Zoya or Qtica order of $10 (on, or and get any 2 Zoya Nail Polish shades (0.5oz bottles) as our Free gift to you.

Simply add all the items that you want to purchase online to your shopping cart.
Enter the code NYFW in the "code" field and press the "update" button.
A $14 discount will appear in the shopping cart for the value of the 2 Zoya Nail Polishes.

Offer valid from Wednesday, 2/17/2010 until Friday, 2/19/2010, at 5PM ET. Standard shipping charges apply. Offer valid for consumer online orders only. Free ground shipping for orders over $55 in Continental USA only. Not valid with any other coupon code or offer.


Zoya Adina

Monday, February 15, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection

Meh. Not much else to say. After the winter's incredible reds, these are lackluster and boring. Winter's glitters were more interesting too. I love glitter, especially microglitter, and these are nice ones but they just don't wallop me over the head. Dunno why. Maybe I am over glitter tossed in clear polish unless it totally covers the nail? Who knows.

The OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection is small, and I bought the mini set.

OPI Thanks so Muchness! is red. It's a nice blue red shade. It's no world shakerOPI Thanks So Muchness!

OPI Absolutely Alice is a neat dark blue that seems somehow to have black in it. It has gold micro glitter mixed in with the blue, for interest and dazzle.
OPI Absolutely Alice

OPI Off With Her Red! is oranger in person than the picture. It reminds me of burnt carrot casserole or something.
OPI Off With Her Red!

OPI Mad As a Hatter is a mainly dark purple microglitter with opalescent/pastel rainbow microglitter. If it had better coverage I'd probably be in love. This is four coats.
OPI Mad as a Hatter

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Glitterday!

Here's a few recent glitters I have welcomed into my overloaded drawers.

Sally Hansen In the Spotlight. Well I love strip glitter with a white hot passion, so this find was a source of much shreiking. Which was not appreciated at Walgreen's. I like that this can be used as a glitter topcoat.
Sally Hansen In The Spotlight

China Glaze Doll House is okay. Somehow I don't truly love it, but it certainly grabs attention.
China Glaze Doll House

Nicole Let's Get Star-ted is mini rainbow glitter and little purple rainbow stars! You'll have to dab and place the stars where you want them of course. No one who ever read John Bellairs' trio of stories about Louis Barnavelt (The House With a Clock in its Walls, The Figure in the Shadows, and The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring) can look at this polish without thinking of Mrs. Zimmermann. How she would approve.
Nicole Let's Get Star-ted

And last but not least GOSH Holographic is a strange one, because this truly is a glitter polish. The is a clear base with just simply tons of holographic microglitter in it. It takes several coats (this is four) and can be a bit tricky to apply. Let each coat fully dry before you add the next or you may lift off the prior coat.
GOSH Holographic

Enjoy, mateys! BTW go see the Wolfman!!!! LOVE that Old School action.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zoya Reverie Spring 2010 Collection

I love pink/green duochrome shimmer. I LOVE it. And every single color in Zoya's Reverie Collection for Spring 2010 has it. Oh sigh. It's so fucking purty.

This is a kind of "Valentine's Day" collection, made up of two pinks, two red/oranges, a purple and a silver all in incredibly thick rainbow microshimmer, so thick it's nearly a frost in application. You might see streaks when you put it on, but let it settle and it goes back to a sleek coat. Just try to be a bit even in your application and you should be okay. It's a good formula, Zoya pretty much always is, so it applies nicely and two coats did me for a nice opaque polish job. This absolutely needs topcoat though, for you non-topcoat wearers, as I found it dried a bit dull, but you should wear topcoat anyway. It brings out the full beauty of a nail polish (except a matte, of course).

You can't always see the duochrome effect in my pics, I think the purple, Adina, shows it well, and I think Reece shows the pink aspect okay. Just know it has it.

Zoya Happi, the light pink:
Zoya Happi

Zoya Reece, the dark pink:
Zoya Reece

Zoya Gwin, the orangier red/orange:
Zoya Gwin

Zoya Lana, the redder red/orange:
Zoya Lana

Zoya Adina, the purple:
Zoya Adina

Zoya Laney, the silver:
Zoya Laney

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sally Hansen HD Liquid Crystal Opulent Cloud

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud, the most recent release in SH's High Definition Liquid Crystal line, yeah I have been looking out for it just like everyone else, I guess. Finally found it at Walgreen's with another two unexceptional new HD offerings, and it's pretty. It's not the fingernail scorcher I thought it would be though. It is just pretty nice. The reason I am not terribly impressed is that it is actually just a sedater version of Sally Hansen Arabian Night.

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud:
Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud

Sally Hansen Arabian Night:
Sally Hansen Arabian Night

You can't get Arabian Night except on eBay. But you CAN get Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong, which is a close dupe of Arabian Night and still more exciting than Opulent Cloud. But OC is nice. I will be keeping my bottle, but probably not reaching for it. Cause I roll like that. I am a polish hoarder, apparently.

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Couple Green Zoyas

Remember that very cool "Buy $20 worth of polish" or whatever it was and get seven free green Zoyas? Here are a couple of them I had not already posted. For some reason they sent me two Veruschkas and didn't send me one of the other greens, and I cannot remember which one it was. Anyway enjoy these two beauties!

Zoya Tangy:
Zoya Tangy

Zoya Irene:
Zoya Irene