Monday, February 15, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection

Meh. Not much else to say. After the winter's incredible reds, these are lackluster and boring. Winter's glitters were more interesting too. I love glitter, especially microglitter, and these are nice ones but they just don't wallop me over the head. Dunno why. Maybe I am over glitter tossed in clear polish unless it totally covers the nail? Who knows.

The OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection is small, and I bought the mini set.

OPI Thanks so Muchness! is red. It's a nice blue red shade. It's no world shakerOPI Thanks So Muchness!

OPI Absolutely Alice is a neat dark blue that seems somehow to have black in it. It has gold micro glitter mixed in with the blue, for interest and dazzle.
OPI Absolutely Alice

OPI Off With Her Red! is oranger in person than the picture. It reminds me of burnt carrot casserole or something.
OPI Off With Her Red!

OPI Mad As a Hatter is a mainly dark purple microglitter with opalescent/pastel rainbow microglitter. If it had better coverage I'd probably be in love. This is four coats.
OPI Mad as a Hatter


  1. I love this collection, great swatches!

  2. Not really a great collection, but ok

  3. Thanks for the pictures Polish Mayhem. I agree with your assessment. I just wasn't jumping for joy over this collection - although the names are fun!!

  4. I had excellent coverage in two coats w/ aa and maah - but I did a third just in case. Kelly at Vampy Varnish suggested swirling the brush rather than just dipping it, and the technique worked like a charm. I suspect that the reason you did not have full coverage w/ the two glitters was b/c you didn't swirl. :) Trust me - they're spectacular!

  5. I could do without the reds - It amazes me how OPI always releases the same reds over and over, just with different names. I don't hate reds, but if it's something I've seen a million times before, it gets old fast.

    Loving the glitters, though!

  6. I love MAAH but used it over Essie Over the Top so I didn't have to do so many layers.

  7. Hmm, I had really good coverage from Hatter in 3, but I did thick coats. It is gorgeous.

  8. Great swatches! I like the two glitters but the reds are just boring.

  9. Thanks Teresa, believe me I know all the applications tricks :D I do not think these will ever give 100% coverage for me, but they are nice.

    I am very happy people like the glitters more than I do. I think I will probably warm up more to them, because they ARE pretty.

  10. Silly me! I should have known you'd already know the tricks! :) Perhaps I did really thick coats? I had complete, armor like coverage. :) But hey, I'm happy if I don't flood my cuticles, so... ;)

  11. I totally agree about the reds not being half as Wow! as the winter ones. When I first saw this collection I wanted to love it, but with the exception of Absolutely Alice I wasn't super inspired.

    How many coats did you have to use for Absolutely Alice?

  12. Teresa, maybe I have become jaded! :D

    Origami, this is four coats.

  13. I love Absolutely Alice. The blue for the dress and the yellow for her hair was a good idea on Suzi's part.

    But those reds? BLEH! Why not a holo or duochrome grey for the caterpillar's hookah? Some kind of white-pink thing for the white rabbit? Some kind of shimmery purple-pinkish thing for the chesire cat?
    Come on Suzi. This is Alice in effing Wonderland. Let your imagination out to play a little.

    As for MaaH, have you tried layering it over a vampy blue or black? And kind of..dabbing it instead of swiping?

  14. Monstah: Those colors would have been fun, and they could have made them exceptionally different and risky since, come on, this is Alice in Wonderland!

    Thanks for the info, Polish Mayhem!