Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sally Hansen HD Liquid Crystal Opulent Cloud

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud, the most recent release in SH's High Definition Liquid Crystal line, yeah I have been looking out for it just like everyone else, I guess. Finally found it at Walgreen's with another two unexceptional new HD offerings, and it's pretty. It's not the fingernail scorcher I thought it would be though. It is just pretty nice. The reason I am not terribly impressed is that it is actually just a sedater version of Sally Hansen Arabian Night.

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud:
Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud

Sally Hansen Arabian Night:
Sally Hansen Arabian Night

You can't get Arabian Night except on eBay. But you CAN get Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong, which is a close dupe of Arabian Night and still more exciting than Opulent Cloud. But OC is nice. I will be keeping my bottle, but probably not reaching for it. Cause I roll like that. I am a polish hoarder, apparently.

Hard Candy Mr. Wrong


  1. Oh I really like these - shame about Arabian Night being HTF though, it's lovely!

  2. I have been looking for Opulent Cloud and still can not find it...fortunately I have (and am currently wearing) "Mr. Wrong"...and he is so RIGHT for me! :)

  3. FYI..found Sally Hansen Arabian Night on ebay for 2.99, 3.00 shipping. Mine arrived yesterday..Gorgeous!