Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wet n' Wild Halloween Polishes and Some Crazes

I love Halloween polishes. I love Fall stuff best because I like rich colors and fun stuff like spooky colors, vampies, and glitter. I'll get the OPI and China Glaze stuff in due time but meanwhile I got the Wet n' Wild Halloween polishes, and a few of the Crazes, which I thought were okay but nothing special.

I got all of the polishes except one that was in a special pack, and it was a standard, boring red. I haven't pictured Black Pearl, I will when I find it, but it's just a standard black creme. Wet n' Wild goes on just fine. If anything it's a bit on the watery side. The glitters are sparse and in a clear base, you could put them on all day and not get full coverage. You could wear them sheer, or over something. They're fun, cheap polish. All of these pictures are two coats, no top coat.

Wet n' Wild Black Magic is a fun multicolored strip glitter in a clear base. I SO wish this had more glitter in it, I love strip glitter.:
Wet n' Wild Black Magic

Wet n' Wild Night Glow, a sheer slightly yellowish topcoat, is supposed to glow in the dark. It kinda does, after a fashion, if you look really hard. This is a waste of time and money.:
Wet n' Wild Night Glow

Wet n' Wild Deception looks kinda like if someone put shimmer in dried blood. I totally love this color. I think it's smokin'.:
Wet n' Wild Deception

Wet n' Wild Magical is very fine gold glitter and slightly larger copper glitter in a clear base. I like this, it would make a nice topcoat, or even alone I think it's pretty, even if it is sheer. Reminds me of the new Sinful All About You glitter, same idea of old gold and a bit of copper glitter to give it pop. Sinful is the better choice, IMO, because the ratio of glitter to clear polish is higher.:
Wet n' Wild Magical

They also sell two little bottles of holographic glitter, a silver and a pale rose pink. Nice!!! I'll be having fun with these!:

The new Wet n' Wild Craze line is basically just cheap polish with a few more contemporary fashion colors than Wet n' Wild usually carries. I only bought a few, the only other one I kind of wanted was a teal shimmer in black, and I have Zoya Akyra for that. They are fun cheap substitutes for more expensive polishes in similar colors. They're fairly basic.

Wet n' Wild Glitz is a hot pink glitter with some blue. The grain is medium, and it's far too sheer. Gets washed out. Not a favorite, and I love glitter.:
Wet n' Wild Glitz

Wet n' Wild Inferno, bright orange with gold shimmer.:
Wet n Wild Inferno

Wet n' Wild Jade, medium green with gold shimmer, pretty standard.:
Wet n Wild Jade

Wet n' Wild Rustic, a nice bronze shimmer. I like this one. Compare it to the much pricier Butter London The Old Bill. This is warmer, prettier, and cheaper.
Wet n Wild Rustic

So run out to your local drugstore now, if ya want'em!!


  1. Aw, I'm disappointed to hear that the glow-in-the-dark topcoat is a waste of time. I'm dying for a glowing polish! Rustic is super pretty though as is Black Magic, though its name mystifies me. Love those bottles of holographic glitter magic, too.

  2. Deception and the two little bottles of glitters are so cool! I'm so sad it's impossible to find Wet'n'Wild in France. Even on the internet.

  3. I love the look of deception. It's poop that we don't have Fantasy Makers over in the UK. :(

  4. I like WnW Craze in Morbid, my first black :-) Got Goldmine and Shield as well. It's a good collection, consider the price

  5. I just love Black Magic and Deception. Dried blood, yuck! I love the color of the polish anyway. I bought the WetnWild collection. I'm anxious to try it.

  6. hmm, black magic kinda looks like hair to me.
    i like the craze line- i like shield, morbid and rustic the best. deception looks nice too

  7. Do you know if Jade is similar or a dupe of China Glaze's Moonpool?

  8. Glockoma, this is lighter, more a springy leaf green to the Moonpool more olive green. So while they are not dupes, they are similar in spirit!

    Augusta, there's a polish with strip glitter called Oops Jealus that calls the effect "fur". I agree, it's furry!

    Rinni, I'll be reviewing more Glow in the darks, hopefully one will work!

  9. I like the WetnWild Craze bottles, they're cute. I bought the teal shimmery black one you talked about. I really like rustic too. I'm thinking about going back to the store and buying it.

  10. I have had no problem with the GITD top coat- I love it. Maybe I need to get out more and try other ones, but it looks vivid enough for me. IMHO, the only thing GITD polish is good for anyway is for a little giggling before you fall asleep and swishing your fingers around while making light saber noises... :/

  11. Agreed Sarajean! Though the OPIs are a lot brighter! Check them out!