Monday, September 14, 2009

New China Glaze Glitters!

Okay you've probably heard about the new China Glaze glitters, fifty of them, which are slowly being released. And you may have heard about the Sally Beauty exclusive ones also. I got these last week and they do not disappoint, in fact they fucking rock. I have a couple new all time favorite polishes!!

The best thing about these polishes is the ease of use and coverage. ALL of the following pictures are only *two* coats. And Ginger, Meteor Showers, and Cosmic could be one coat, if need be. The super thick glitter coverage, the ease of application, the eye popping flash of these glitters make them some of the best I have ever seen if not THE best I have ever seen. These rock out with their cock out. I love them. The Sally Beauty exclusives are simpler, just glitter in clear polish, but the brightness, size and great coverage (once again, only two coats) make them superior to other glitters, whether they be wear alone or topcoats.

So let's stop with the babbling and start the eye-popping goodness.

China Glaze Bad Kitty, a beautiful deep pink jelly, medium sheer, with medium grain opalescent glitter:
China Glaze Bad Kitty

China Glaze Cosmic, a black creme with small grain silver glitter and large rainbow glitter. A lot like Icing Blackout but a hell of a lot easier to apply, better formula:
China Glaze Cosmic

China Glaze Medallion. Small gold and silver glitter with large rainbow glitter. Shiny as hell.:
China Glaze Medallion

China Glaze Preppy Pink is a super Barbie pink creme with large opalescent glitter. So girly and sweet, just super hot. Pink isn't a huge fave of mine but this makes me crazy.:
China Glaze Preppy Pink

China Glaze Atlantis. Reminds me of BB Couture Sea of Cortez, and then makes me think I don't need another bottle of it now that I have Atlantis. This deep water ocean blue/green jelly is chock full of large rainbow glitter and small silver glitter.:
China Glaze Atlantis

China Glaze Ginger is a copper/bronze metallic frost with silver and rainbow glitter. There's less rainbow glitter in this than the others. The effect is of rough, gleaming metal with intermittent rainbow flash. Totally hot.:
China Glaze Ginger

China Glaze Nova. Small Silver and large rainbow glitter in clear polish. Tons of rainbow glitter. this is like being covered in sequins!:
China Glaze Nova

China Glaze Meteor Shower is my new absolute favorite blue of all time. It's a very deep navy blue creme stuffed with large opalescent glitter. I wish my picture could show you how truly gorgeous it is.:
China Glaze Meteor Shower

China Glaze Carnival Lights, another addition to my favorite polishes. This rich rose colored jelly also has a metric fuckton of small silver and large rainbow glitter. My husband had appreciative, slutty things to say about it. I agree, it's hot as hell.:
China Glaze Carnival Lights

China Glaze Cleopatra is small old gold color and small rainbow glitter in a clear base. Extremely flashy, blingier than the picture.:
China Glaze Cleopatra


  1. Why, why must your torture me with all your beautiful swatches! And of the exact collection I'm completely lemming right now! *sobs* I'm from Singapore, and I can't seem to get them just yet.

  2. um, wow. Love Cosmic, Nova and Meteor Shower, but all look fabulous. Amazing that CG have done sooooo many new glitters. Unfortunately I doubt they'll make it to the UK either - sniff

  3. Atlantis is the one I want most :) I love glitters, but hate taking them of.

  4. Oh my....I gotta grab up Meteor Shower, Atlantis and Cosmic. wowza!

  5. Ah, I can't take the torture anymore! Atlantis, I neeed you!

    Great pics, I was debating wether or not to get Cosmic, but your swatch sealed the deal for me. Now I know I want Atlantis, Bad Kitty, Carnival Lights, Cosmic and maybe Medallion if I can get it (which I doubt, because it's a Sally exclusive, sigh).

  6. i am in love with them pretty

  7. They are all very pretty, but I'm in love with preppy pink and atlantis!!! =0)

  8. Wow I'm in love with Preppy Pink! If only glitters weren't so darn hard to take off!

  9. So GLAD I managed to nab four of these. I'm definitely going back for more, esp. Cosmic, which I was on the fence about and now I know I need. Fantastic swatching, as usual!

  10. cosmic and medallion are calling me!

  11. Atlantis and Meteor Shower are now on my Must Have list! Wow, and there will be 50 of them? I don't know if my wallet can handle that...haha. Can't wait to get my hands on a bunch of these.

    Gorgeous swatches as always! :)

  12. I really want Atlantis. Today I checked at one Sally's location & all they had was one Nova left =( Luckily this is a big town with lots of Sally's. Hopefully I will luck out and one of them will have one.

  13. Preppy Pink is super cute and quite unique. Never seen such a polish before!

  14. I've worn Ginger and loved it. I had on Cosmic one day. I put on two coats and didn't like it. It was too lumpy and the second covered up a lot of the glitter. I'm so used to always doing 2-3 coats. I'll have to try again. I don't have the Sally's and Atlantis was sold out on VNS. I definitely want it bad! Thanks for swatching all of these glitters. I did get 5 of them.

  15. medallion is such a cutie. Recently I just love golden glitter. I sure hope I can get my hands on it eventually.

  16. pbi, Cleopatra & Medallion aren't Sally excl. My local nail supply has them & I picked up Cleopatra last week there.