Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - OPI Give Me the Moon

OPI Give Me the Moon is a more opaque version of OPI Breathe, it's also a darker blue.

OPI Give Me the Moon:
OPI Give Me the Moon


  1. That is really pretty! I wish this is the one they used instead of Breathe. I like this much better when it's more opaque. Looks gorgeous on you. I'm so happy you are swatching all these. There's so many that I haven't seen before.

  2. The name suits the polish well. Looks wonderful on you. I'll have to look out for this one!

  3. I absolutely love this polish. It looks bluer on you than it does on me (more grey for some reason). It is stunning though.

  4. Oooh, very cool! I like this better too. Lovely!