Saturday, December 5, 2009

Orly Metallic Matte Collection

Been on vacation but I am back!!

As you can probably tell from the pictures, these are a lot like OPI's Suede Collection. A nice satiny finish with a ton of metal shimmer underneath. Tons of texture and depth. They give us a couple nice new shades for matte, gold and bronze, and we have the black already but it's very nice in the satin/suede finish!

These apply just like regular polishes, and do not dry too fast. But try hard to remove any overlap, or brushstrokes that clump, because it will show up in the final polish. Just mess with it til it is smooth.

Orly Glam Rock:
Orly Glam Rock

Orly Iron Butterfly:
Orly Iron Butterfly

Orly Solid Gold:
Orly Solid Gold


  1. Awesome, thanks for the swatches! Glam Rock is amazing....

  2. I hate to sound ungreatful as these are great, but do you have any swatches of these with a topcoat ?

  3. These are beautiful! Must. Resist. Temptation.

  4. Iron Butterfly reminds me a bit of Zoya's Dovima Matte but I think the Orly one is a bit more silver than Dovima...

  5. I want Iron Butterfly! So pretty.

  6. Iron Butterfly is on my to buy list! Great swatches!

  7. Love your swatches :) I just picked these 3 up today. I hope you don't mind that I'm linking to you in my blog ;)

  8. Love these! I'm hoping these will be at Sally's next time I swing by, looking forward to snatching them. Great swatches!

  9. Glad you're back, I've missed your solid gold *tee hee* swatches and reviews.

  10. I just got Glam Rock and it is amazing! Had great wear too!

  11. Phyrra, no I do not mind!

    Abby I will do a swatch post of these with topcoat, if I forget, remind me!

    Amused, I am thinking the texture is what makes these different, also Dovima has some multicolored shimmer in it. I will have to do a comparison.

    Arrianne, hee! I'm glad I am back too!

  12. omgomgomg I'm so waiting for these! Glam Rock looks larger than life, the others look great, too. Good pics!