Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BTW - Zoya Pictures and Status of Re-Adding Pics to Blog

If you google Zoya pictures to do the Polish Exchange, you should come upon plenty of my Flickr pics. I am MollyHell on Flickr. Of course. I am in the process of adding the pictures one by one back to my site, but all my pictures are available on Flickr. I only have 250 or so to add back to the blog. GAG.

Anyway enjoy. I should be done in, oh, 2012.

Zoya Brizia


  1. I love looking at your swatches, they were very helpful... And now my wish list is about, hmm, 5 km long :D

  2. Thanks for the swatch, getting my Zoya list ready!!!

  3. I've been all over the pics, they are great! Thanks!

  4. GAG on this color, but I love all your Zoya swatches, especially the ones that no one swatches.


  5. Well thanks for the information, do not forget to visit my blog too.