Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoya Flash and Sparkle Collections Summer 2010

Well well well what have we here!? Another double collection from Zoya, which to me seems like bright cremes for summer days and shimmery jellies for summer nights. Hot, just like the season! I like that they went with deeper colors for the season, not light shades or pastels. By making the Flash brights, they keep the summer feeling for the cremes, and by making the Sparkle shimmery they catch a "night out on the town" summery feeling. Hot days, hot nights, hot nails.

Let's start with the cremes - the Flash collection. These remind me of the OPIs of last year which were inspired by those dumb tight pants which make everyone look fat except supermodels and wimpy boys. The Zoya creme formula is nice, maybe a touch thick, thin it with Zoya Renew or another thinner like my favorite, Poshe Polish Reviver, which is like 2 bucks or something for a pretty big bottle.

The sky blue, Zoya Robyn, is very close to OPI No Room for the Blues and Creative Hot Pop Blue (which was my better/cheaper alternative to OPI No Room for the Blues), but it is actually a shade darker.
Zoya Robyn

Zoya Jancyn is a smooth citrus orange, I like it even though I don't, as a rule, like orange. I know OPI had In My Back Pocket - very similar though I believe that was a shade darker than Jancyn.
Zoya Jancyn

Zoya Perrie is a medium purple with some red in it, so it isn't much like Zoya Malia or OPI A Grape Fit. It's like a lighter Creative Studio 54 or MAC For Fun.
Zoya Perrie

Zoya Jolene is a pretty standard candy pink. Very very close to China Glaze summer offering, Sugar High, which is much cheaper. It's a lot like Black Phoenix Croquet also, but hotter pink.
Zoya Jolene

Zoya Maura is your standard hot red. I actually kinda like it, even though it's not my style, and is that kind of red I always shreik at when I see it on people's lips. It's a tad bluer than Zoya America, but not so different I see the point, really.
Zoya Maura

Zoya Dana: fuchsia pink. What's more to say? Cute. It's the same fuchsia pink we see everywhere but it's mercifully free of the omnipresent blurple shimmer, which makes this a kind of relief.
Zoya Dana

Onto Sparkle Collection - the SHIMMERS!!! The size and style of shimmer reminds me very much of OPI's Winter 2009 Collection I loved so much. These are nice, easily applied shimmery jellies (except for Zoya Nidhi, which is a creme). DELUMPCIOUS!!! They loosely follow the color array of the Flash Collection, with a couple replacements, but in a darker shade. Love!

Zoya Gilda is probably Dana's match, and even though it adds that tired blurple back to the fuchsia, it manages, with the jelly and the shimmer grain size, to be fresh and yummy. I guess it could be Jolene's match if Zoya Alegra is Dana's match, but Gilda matches Dana better than Jolene (see below).
Zoya Gilda

Zoya Mimi is a deep royal purple shimmer jelly. Sweet.
Zoya Mimi

Zoya Alegra, Dana's match? Who knows. Anyway this is a magenta with blurple shimmer. I like it.
Zoya Alegra

Zoya Charla is, in my opinion, the masterpiece. It's like looking at tropical waters. It's an absolutely stunning teal my camera could not do justice. I just stared and stared at this, it is so beautiful. It absolutely glows on the nail, with an almost metallic shine. An instant addition to my top 10 polishes of all time.
Zoya Charla

Zoya Ivanka is, thankfully, NOT dark green. I am fucking sick of dark greens. I don't think it's the greatest green ever, but it's nice, shimmery, and I love the jelly!
Zoya Ivanka

Last but not least Zoya Nidhi is a cream with large blue shimmer. I wish the shimmer showed up more because this counterpart to Zoya Maura is an absolute STUNNER because of the blue shimmer in it. It's hot and original and a must have. LOVE.
Zoya Nidhi

Enjoy them, you shouldn't be disappointed with any of them unless you already have a close dupe. But BUY CHARLA!!


  1. Charla is the one I want the most out of all of these. I'm fucking sick of dark greens too! I guess it's a case of too much winter right now, and ordinarily I don't bitch about any green color, but I feel you on this!

  2. I ordered Gilda, Charla and Alegra as we don't find Zoya in France...I can't wait to have them ! They are absolutely fantastic !

  3. Whoa! Charla, Nidhi, Mimi and Ivanka, I want you, pretties! :D

  4. I bought Charla but I think I need to go back and get Robyn.

  5. Actually now I don't like Charla as much.. Thanks for showing the color from another side :) But besides that these are gorgeous ;D

  6. I love the colors but wish they didn't use my name on a robin's egg blue! Bird references are not cute!

  7. "Zoya Dana: fuchsia pink. What's more to say? Cute. It's the same fuchsia pink we see everywhere but it's mercifully free of the omnipresent blurple shimmer, which makes this a kind of relief."

    You always say what I'm thinking before I know I'm thinking it!

  8. The Sparkle collection is a total winner to me. The blue, purple, and green ones are calling my name...and I'm listening.

    (Even though there are more and more greens being released, I still haven't grown tired of them. Bad for my wallet.)

  9. I have the whole Sparkle collection. Pretty much love them all. They sparkle...I love things that sparkle. Although I thought the pink ones were a bit boring. LOVE Ivanka. It is fantastic.

  10. ooo i love the cream shades best especially the Perrie that is lush. Cant really get Zoya in the UK but do have a few. Wicked photos as well

    t x