Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Phoenix Claw Polish

I was the very lucky recipient of some of the illustrious Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's nail polish, which they call Claw Polish (love it)! BPAL doesn't just make hundreds of incredible artisan perfume oils in "magickal, pagan and mythological blends, Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian formulas, and horror / Gothic-themed scents", they do jewelry, Tshirts and assorted neat stuff which fortunately includes a growing offering of nail polishes (under the Black Phoenix Trading Post arm of the site). Mostly now it is blacks and browns, deep reds and a few pinks, and one glow in the dark. I hope to see them branch out! They certainly have enough inspiration.

First thing that is notable is the formula was quite surprising. It was terrific. A polish line in which the CREMES are more manageable than the jellies??? Wow. Dries fast, hard and just like glass. It's incredibly shiny stuff. I would use topcoat for protection but it is in no way needed for a glossy finish. It's kickass. The brush may be a bit stubby for you long brush lovers, but otherwise is standard. Anyway all due accolades to the talented people at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Thank you!!

I tried a different style photograph for these polishes, inspired by the "Claw Polish" name. Yes, Napoleon, I have large talons. If you hate it feel free to call me an asswipe.

You're going to have to take my word for it that Destroying Angel is not black. it's a dark chocolate, but it's browner than the picture. I am sure I will try again at some point.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Destroying Angel

Smokestack is actually a very dark blurple jelly with a ton of very fine subtle shimmer. It packs far more punch than you think it will. Very nice.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Smokestack

Croquet they call a flamingo pink, I think it's a bit softer and a great deal prettier than flamingo. Bet the Sissies will love this one!
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Croquet

Malediction is simply black, with that stunning super-gloss that China Glaze Patent Leather has. This is a jelly, not a creme.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Malediction

Sed Non Satiata is a smooth, sleek berry.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Sed Non Satiata

Robotic Scarab is a gleaming bronze shimmer. I drool on this.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Robotic Scarab

Bordello is a beautiful lightly metallic raspberry shimmer. Suckable!
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Bordello


  1. I'm especially loving Smokestack and Bordello.

  2. "Yes, Napoleon, I have large talons. If you hate it feel free to call me an asswipe."
    For some reason I laughed a lot at that...Am I the only one who gets it? Anyway I love Bordello, indeed suckable. I also like Croquet(does that mean I'm a sissy?), Malediction, Destroying Angel, and Smokestack. I guess that's almost all of them. This comment is getting long, I'm gonna shut up now.

  3. Bordello and Scarab. Lovely. Long nails? Don't like them but it doesn't make anyone a bad person!

  4. They are some kick ass colors. Love them and your nails. Fantastic manicures. I'll have to look this company up. Love Robotic Scarab.

  5. I've been wanting to try these, as I love their perfumes, but was wary since I'd never seen good swatches. Thanks for the review~!

  6. I LOVE croquet! Do you know a dupe for this color?