Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MIGI Nail Art Pens

I was asked if I wanted to try these pens out by Jeff at Migi Nail Art. Who am I to say no?? He graciously sent me four pens, black, white, pink, and fine gold glitter. These come in small plastic squeeze tubes you can screw together so you have a double sided pen, which makes storage easier. They have about 40 colors, including a couple glitters and some neons. Migi Nail Art: http://www.miginailart.com They've got some design ideas on their site and a lot of videos on YouTube.

I'm no Nail Artiste. I like my polish simple. But Migi Nail Art pens are easy to use, so I fiddled with them and I think with some practice these could be fun and easy to use. If you unscrew the pen top, you get a normal size nail polish brush. If you pop off the cap you get a hair fine tube which acts as a pen tip. You just squeeze the tube, and polish comes out. The problems can be if you squeeze too hard, or apply too much. The polish has to be relatively thin to get out of the tiny tube, and this means you can get too much on the tip easily. If you wipe it off all the time, that could be wasteful, but I am sure practice and a nearby paper towel would help. I put too much polish on very easily. So while this can probably become extremely easy, it will take a bit of getting used to. My one big complaint: I'd have preferred a thin brush, not the full sized one. It is impossible to get a nice straight line with the pen or the large brush. I was completely unable to make my nail look like a tuxedo top, which I wanted to. I did make my nail look like a tuxedo as drawn by a tired kindergartener, though. I will spare you those pics and show you a few of my other dorkish fumblings. One other large problem: The glitter would NOT come out of the pen. Only the clear suspension polish did. Not good.

These come $25 for an 8 pack, or replacement singles at $3.00. I can see these being great for holidays. I may get a few and make some Christmas nails!

My Gingerbread Man Type Thing:

Assorted Things That Took Zero Talent:


  1. The gold stripe came out really nice. The polka dots look like those candy dot pill looking sugar things. Remember those?

  2. Yeah the french tip style stripe was easy to do. The dots do look like candies! I remember those! On the dots and the squiggles I coulda used a lot less polish to better effect.

  3. I am interested in trying these. I like to do fun designs on occasion. But a toothpick or dotting tool is still cheaper and maybe easier to use!!

  4. The gingerbread man is so cute! I only just started playing with nail art pens and it really needs practise.

  5. Love the gingerbread man. I think with practice you may get better!