Sunday, November 22, 2009

MollyHell's Grab Bag! - NYX Las Vegas Green and Nyx Las Vegas Purple

Two great colors I couldn't live without. Nyx Las Vegas Green is less sheer than it looks. It's a brilliant dark emerald with dark blue shimmer. It is a lot like a greener version of Nubar Earth. I love it.
Nyx Las Vegas Green

Nyx Las Vegas Purple is a deep purple shimmer with plenty of rainbow glitter. This Nyx Las Vegas Purple

Pretty sure this is still available, but be sure to specify Green or Purple when you order, or contact the seller first, as both are just called "Las Vegas".


  1. I'll have to check which version I have. I love both of them. Really gorgeous on you

  2. las vegas purple looks really stunning

  3. I love these both, they are gorgeous!

  4. My favourite colours are green and purple, so you can imagine how much I drooled when I saw your swatches. I'm really liking the NYX brand lately because their products come in great colours and are so affordable. The next time I order online, I'm going to include those two in the basket.