Monday, November 16, 2009

MollyHell's Grab Bag! - Nubar Moodies #M138

Nubar Moodies don't work. Pretty much a given. But this one KINDA works. As you can see the tip is a nice warm bronze and the top half of the nail is a beautiful gilded orange falling leaf color. It kind of gives you a fall leaf manicure all on its own.

Nubar Moodies #M138:
Nubar Moodies #M138


  1. That a really pretty shade. It does look like the colors of Fall leaves. Shame it doesn't change colors. Looks lovely on you.

  2. I've actually never had a problem with them - they always work fine on my nails. I was pretty sad to see they're discontinuing them (or so it said last time I was on the Nubar site). :-(

    That's a beautiful combo!

  3. Oh Jamie I am glad you had good luck with them! I have tried several and this one was the only one that did anything at all. Luckily what it did I liked!

  4. Had no idea that Nubar made these. And now they're being discontinued? It's no fun being late to the party. Maybe I can find them somewhere to ships to Canada.

  5. I have one Moodie and it worked fine for me. Then again, the last time I wore it, I lived in Buffalo, NY and it was a really cold Winter day spent on & off buses on my way to an appointment.

    I'd love to get a couple more, so I'm always hoping to find them for cheap near me.