Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Glue-On and Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

I got invited to try Revlon Fantasy Lengths eyelashes by janet, who also sent me the nice glue-on nails. I seldom wear false eyelashes but I am always game to try new things. I own exactly one pair of false eyelashes, made by MAC, they're a Hello Kitty collection pair and they are really neat, so I figured why not try the Revlon?

Considering what a complete novice I am at putting on eyelashes these were not too hard to apply. I was sent four pairs, two which had glue you needed to apply, and two with adhesive strips already on them. I only tried the self-adhesive ones. The difference is the self-adhesive ones have a much thicker base to them, which is noticeable. But not becessarily bad, I put on black eyeliner anyway. A couple of fumblings and a couple of trapped lashes, and I got decent enough application. It was pretty easy. Next time I might even be able to not get eyelashes trapped! Revlon's site for these lashes is: . Unfortunately I have no idea how much these cost.




  1. the band is really thick on these but i love the actual lash part.

  2. I wear false lashes about 5x a week, sometimes more.
    These look lovely on you.
    I think I may *like* a substantial band. False lashes never "sit" the way I want them on my left lash-line, due to a ridge(of sorts). Right eye is fine- f.lashes sit with a nice up-sweep. Left eye- f. lashes sit either straight out or on a down-sweep.
    I think I'm going to try these!
    Thanks for reviewing and posting this.

  3. Very pretty. I like those lashes. Almost looks like you have thick eye liner on.