Sunday, December 13, 2009

FingerPaints Holiday Collection

I like FingerPaints. They have a good formula, easy to apply, looks great. Their holiday collection is six shimmers. I did not get the medium red with very fine subtle gold shimmer (Snowman's Scarf), it just looked like a ton of other stuff to me. Also I did not get Sparkling Snow, which is your standard silver shimmer. IMO if you have one you have them all.

The other four are pretty nice, though! the shimmer in most of these is large grain, almost like clear sheets. It's neat. It manages to be subtle and yet impactful. If glitter is a rhinestone covered dress, and shimmer is a sequinned dress, this is a satin dress. If you get me. It shines yet it is not on your face. If you can wear these color shades to work, you won't be worried they'll be too bling and get you a raised eyebrow. I think they're sophisticated.

FingerPaints Candy Cane Shimmer is a medium red with smaller shimmer than the other polishes. The thing about this is it really does kind of have a satin sheen, rather than any shimmer. And the genius of this polish is that it looks EXACTLY like the red ribbon you buy at the store to wrap presents with. Not the new prismatic or mylar ones, the old style. Go check it out and see! I think it's so cool.
FingerPaints Candy Cane Shimmer

FingerPaints Decked With Dazzle is my least favorite. It's a reddish purple, kinda a red grape look. It has very nice chunky shimmer, but it's very sheer. It's pretty but I am not wowed. But you may be and the quality is nice, just the sheerness was unwelcome.
FingerPaints Decked With Dazzle

Gorgeous deep purple with the same chunky shimmer, FingerPaints Icy Iris is absolutely taking a place in my "keep" pile.
FingerPaints Icy Iris

The clear queen of the bunch is FingerPaints Evergreen Dreams. Wow, a green not named after Envy. Imagine that! It's a gorgeous emerald green shimmer. One incredibly cool thing about it is when you apply a matte topcoat, it looks EXACTLY like Zoya Veruschka, which I will be demonstrating in the next couple of days when I review the Zoya Matte collection which came out a while ago, which I somehow neglected to be sent review copies of. :disgruntled and horrified face: Grin. Anyway this is a winner.
FingerPaints Evergreen Dream

Here's FingerPaints Evergreen Dream first topped with Hard Candy Break Up, then FingerPaints Evergreen Dream topped with Hard Candy Break Up and Essie Matte About You topcoat! What I won't do for fun, eh?


  1. I'm thinking I need to get the Finger Paints holiday collection....the colors are looking hot!

  2. Candy Cane Shimmer and Decked with Dazzle are GORGEOUS! I've never tried Finger Paints before, where do you get them?

  3. thanks in advance for the comparison swatches of zoya verushka and fp's evergreen dream matte. if it looks identical as you say, i may hold off buying the zoya.

    icy iris is gawgess!

  4. I'm so bummed because Icy Iris is sold out in my area. I keep hoping someone will take pity on me and offer to get me one. lol

    Brooke, you can only get them at Sally Beauty Supply.

  5. I like Icy Iris and I really love the last picture with the matte finish! Chunky glitter looks great matte.

  6. Brooke, as Apriltini said you can find them at Sally Beauty.