Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Island Girl Nail Polish

I dunno who makes this polish, Island Girl, but it has a VERY familiar sort of daisy shape on the top of the cap (no not Color Club). But it is sold at these stores in the mall called "ABC", which are the kind of convenience store that preys on hungry/needy shoppers and tourists and sells them massively overpriced items. I always ignore it until one day the corner of my eye caught a big nail polish display! These are only $2.99 and they have a large array of colors, but they are mostly very bright and/or glittery. So if you like that search them out.

I bought four but one ran away. I have no idea where it is, I mean it.

Island Girl Island Color is tiny pink and silver glitter, very opaque with a few coats.
Island Girl Island Color

Island Girl Island Volcanic is not volcanic, but it is a very nice blue semi-metallic. It has this neat grainy quality I really like. Reminds me very much of NDB Midnight. Easy to apply, and one coat perfect.
Island Girl Island Volcanic

Island Girl Mahalo Dream - Very sheer orangy-pink jelly with rainbow glitter.
Island Girl Mahalo Dream


  1. I love Island Color and Volcanic especially! Also, this bottle is exactly the same as an Icing bottle of polish I have. The Icing bottle cap has a daisy type flower on the top which looks like the one on the front of these bottles, only it looks a little more squished in one dimension, and it also has the little squiggly lines on the sides of the cap same as these do.

  2. i own island volcano too! i bought 3 bottles of this brand when i went on vacation in vagas and the blue one was one of them. i was also very pleased with it :)

  3. The bottle shapes look china glaze-ish.

  4. Tips, yes the bottle is China Glazeish, as is Icing's. Rinni I was thinking Icing but could not find a bottle that had a flower on the top. It was my first thought though.

  5. China Glazeish? Like TipsToToes said. I love the first two colors!

  6. That first one is blingtastic! I'm not feeling the last one though, it's too sheer.

  7. I just love that pink glitter! Fantastic.

  8. Don't buy this nail polish, it is TERRIBLE. Even though the colours are great, and might catch your eye at such a good price ($2.99 usually), it is a complete rip-off. It dries pretty quickly, but several coats are required (I usually have to do SEVEN) until all the streaks are gone, and an even coat is achieved. I even use a very high end matte base coat (Deborah Lippman), and it is still a complete waste. The dried nail polish peels and chips off almost immediately, even with a quality top coat, so you will probably have to re-do your nails every day. If you buy quality nail polish, it will actually end up saving you money since it will last longer, and you will use much less. Bright colours and neons are totally trendy, so it's not like Island Girl is the only brand with attractive colours. Definitely the worst nail polish on the market.