Monday, November 2, 2009

MollyHell's Grab Bag! - Be Ox-Y-In and Elizabeth Arden West End Purple Sage

To start off November's Grab Bag a day late I've chosen a couple of favorites!

Be Ox-Y-In is a dark blue/green/purple shimmer. I think it's just stunning. I have no idea where to buy Be, this was a swap polish.
Be Ox-y-in

Elizabeth Arden West End Purple Sage is just mesmerizingly gorgeous. A juicy purple and a fine rainbow shimmer make this a knockout.
Elizabeth Arden West End Purple Sage


  1. Wow, Ox-y-in is amazing. I've never heard of Be before.

  2. both look great on you. I especially like the be polish
    i agree with perrypie- be ox-y-in is gorgeous
    and I didn't know that elizabeth arden made polishes :o

  3. Mmmm - These are both fabulous... I've never heard of Be polish, wonder if their other colours are as cool.

  4. I love this purple! I can't wait to see what you have coming up in this grab bag!

  5. Both are beautiful colors. Never heard of the first polish either. The Elizabeth Arden is lovely.