Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd half Contest Winner and Heads up on Next Contest!!

We had a winner for the second half of the contest! Congratulations to AdorePink!!! She correctly guessed the order of the polishes! She wins a bottle of Nina Ultra Pro In a Tiff! (I love the Nina, the polish has a subtle silver shimmer!)

That was a LOT of fun!!! I foresee more of these contests in the future! I thought the first part was so hard, and would last days and the second part the first answer would be right, but the second part turned out to be harder than I thought. Thanks for all your great entries!

And just so we can salivate for the next contest, when the China Glaze for Days polish blogging is over at the end of August, I will be giving away the ENTIRE RETRO DIVA SET, thanks to the incredible people at China Glaze!!! I'll be giving away both "halves" of the set, so two winners. One lucky person will win the "Let's Cruise" set, and one equally lucky person the "Get Down Tonight" set! So keep posted and let your friends know!

Answer to the What order Am I Wearing the Polish In Question:
Left to Right:
Essie Greenport
Nina Ultra Pro In a Tiff
China Glaze for Audrey
Diamond Oh, Tiff



  1. I blame all you bloggers, when I saw the first contest-post, atleast 10 different polish names came to mind. That would NOT have happened one yeah ago or so :D

  2. Just for the record, it was hard! but fun!

  3. lol @ Kajsa, my thoughts exactly ;)