Wednesday, August 26, 2009

China Glaze for Days! - China Glaze Celtic Sun

It's still summer, even if some of us are back to school! There's still plenty of time for neons!

Celtic Sun is kinda like "what if I took the ink out of a neon yellow highlighter and painted my fingernails with it?". Maybe you are like me and think that sounds like a lot of fun.

China Glaze Celtic Sun:
China Glaze Celtic Sun


  1. LOL When I was younger (and even now if I'm really bored), I'll draw on my nails with a yellow highlighter. :P Strangely enough, it looks just like this!

  2. It sure does look like you drew on your nails. I like the look.

  3. Hmm...I'm not a fan of having a neon yellow that's so sheer. I'd probably just put a coat of opaque white as the first coat so the nail doesn't show through. But I do love the intensity of this neon...very cool!