Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some New Polish Monkey Junk I Picked Up Today at Sally

I needed some base coat, so I went to Sally to pick up my favorite, Hard Rock. Well when I got it hope, it was open and it had elaked. BUT I did also get some wacky new crap there. They have a new product, little mylar flakes in a number of irridescent colors. They are about $3.50 per jar with Sally card, and one jar will probably last you an entire lifetime. So I bought a few to enjoy.

First thing I did was put a couple on my nails with just topcoat. A bit messy, but not too hard to do. It's not my forte, I am NOT a nail art person, but I had fun. I'd use these on a special day or going to a club or whatever. I doubt I'd do it regularly.

The ones I put on with topcoat:


One over China Glaze Calypso Blue:
What's This?

A few I haven't tried yet. I'll try them and post pictures maybe next week.


  1. i actually really like these..i think i will have to make a stop at sallys soon

  2. These are awesome. I'm going to have to head to Sally when I get paid on Friday!!!

  3. ooh i saw these too but i was all, uhh how in the world would you use those?! way to go, your nails look awesome :)

  4. I've never seen these at all. They are gorgeous. They make your nails look like stained glass. Very pretty.