Monday, August 31, 2009

China Glaze Retro Diva Collection Giveaway!!

So as promised, I am giving away the China Glaze Retro Diva Collection, in its two boxed sets! One person will win the Get Down Tonight set, one person will win the Let's Cruise set. Two winners! Yay!

You can be anyone, anywhere in the world, all you have to do is email me your name, and tell me which China Glaze nail polish is your favorite and why. My email is, it's also in my profile. I will draw two winners at random next Monday afternoon.

Good Luck!!!!

I don't mind if you haven't tried China Glaze, or can't get it. Winners will be picked randomly, not based on answer. Anyone, anywhere in the world can join.
I will pick what set you get, I will try to accomodate a request but can not promise anything at all.
I will get tracking info on the package only if you are in the US, but not if overseas. I may choose to get insurance, I don't know. All the shipping and packaging for this contest is coming out of my pocket, though the polishes come from China Glaze. I will NOT be sending you replacements if something breaks in shipping, or if it never appears. If you are in the USA, since this is a large prize I MAY choose to get insurance. But if I don't I will be very sorry and commisserate with you, and if you are not in the USA you are just out of luck. Sorry, darlings. No one has not gotten a package yet except poor AdorePink, whose polish seems to have vanished. She will probably get another one since it isn't a huge expense for me. But for this giveaway, what I wrote stands.


  1. dear, im joining

    love lots,

  2. emailed.It was any favourite china glaze you wanted yes?Not just out if that collection your giving away?

  3. And yes, any China Glaze you want. :D

    And Rhain, not sure if you emailed me, but you have to send in entries by email. Good luck Polish Monkeys!

  4. I'm definitely joining. Already emailed you ^_^

    Tnx for this awesome giveaway ^_^

  5. Hi! Is there a way I could sub to this blog by email?? I recommend feedburner. email me @ if you get it!

  6. hi i will join be definitely joining......


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  8. yeah im glad i say this before it was over