Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Contest!!! Guess the Polishes!!!

This is FOUR different polishes, and I am not, sorry, going to tell you which ones you get right (or wrong) when you guess. But you can guess as many times as you want!!

Okay I promised this contest earlier but with my Anatomy final, my laziness, the Zoya tweet freebie madness taking up everyone's attention, etc., I did not get to it.

This contest is very simple. Look at the picture posted below and be the first to tell me what nail polishes I am wearing!! The FIRST PERSON who emails me the right answer to (determined by time stamp on the email) gets a brand new unused bottle of one of the polishes pictured, my choice. Anyone anywhere may enter this contest!!

Then we will have a second half to this contest in which a second bottle will be given away! So don't give up!!

If no one gets the first half of this contest right, in two days I will post a second clue picture. So guess away!!



  1. i've sent an email, geesh this is difficult =) but quite challenging

  2. Darn, this is what I get for getting so behind in my blog reading. I missed the whole contest! Maybe next time and I'm excited that there will be a next time.