Sunday, August 30, 2009

China Glaze for Days! - China Glaze Thataway

Thataway is kind of like an orange cremesicle for your nails. Shimmery and orange but more on the peach/coral side. Fun for summer.

Remember tomorrow is, sadly, the last day of China Glaze for Days and I will be starting a giveaway, both halves of the China Glaze Retro Diva Collection, so two people will win 6 polishes each!! Stay posted tomorrow!

China Glaze Thataway:
China Glaze Thataway


  1. I really like this colour, I don`t know if I could wear orange though...

  2. I loved that you've spotlighted CG so well! I've got a whole list of them that I need to snatch up now, lol. Thx!

  3. Ohhhh, I never can resist a bright orange nail polish!
    Very Nice.

  4. I have a few orange polishes. But sadly not this one. It's a beauty! Looks lovely on you. I'd love to see really old collections of polish. I know they might be discontinued but I still would like to see them.

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