Sunday, August 2, 2009

China Glaze for Days! - China Glaze Caribbean Temptation

It's a hot summer day, why not look at some hot summer nail polish? China Glaze Caribbean Tamptation is a bright fuchsia with purple shimmer. Fun!

China Glaze Caribbean Temptation:
China Glaze Caribbean Temptation


  1. I love the pinks with flashes of purple! Cute! I'm planning to order the Limelight one you did the other day (yesterday?! My days are meshing together LOL) I've been on a neon kick!

  2. I really the polish, but I dislike the fact that your nails don't have the same lenght. Just a little quirk I have, lol!

  3. Sad thing, Suzanne is I am sure you'll see more of it. :D

    I think this polish may be gone forever, if not I may redo the picture.

  4. Pretty! Love the flash of purple.