Monday, August 17, 2009

New Sinful Professional Colors

I don't know who in your town carries this, here I get mine at Walgreen's. And luckily a sale, Buy One Get One FREE is going on just in time to buy these great new colors!!! At $1 each (on sale) how could anyone say no?? They have a good formula, dry nicely even if you layer the glitters on thick (just give them a bit of time) and they are pretty. What else do you need?

Sinful Frenzy, purple and blue glitter in a colorless clear base:
Sinful Frenzy

Sinful HD Nails, simple grass green frost:
Sinful HD Nails

Sinful See You Soon, a black jelly with blue shimmer, like Zoya Kotori:
Sinful See You Soon

Sinful I Miss You, a sheerish purple jelly with rainbow glitter. LOVE:
Sinful I Miss You

Sinful Call You Later. The Genius of this is the varying glitter size. It has tiny gold glitter for maximum coverage, and big green glitter for color and bling. Fantastic.:
Sinful Call You Later

Sinful I Love You, a nice purple shimmer:
Sinful I Love You

Sinful Nail Junkie. My favorite! A lovely ocean blue jellywith small and large glitter that flashes gold, teal and cobalt blue. A stunner.:
Sinful Nail Junkie

Sinful All About You, again small gold glitter to give coverage, and large orange glitter to add a warm tone and sparkle.:
Sinful All About You

And some others I hadn't noticed before that I picked up on sale:

Sinful Sugar Sugar, red shimmer:
Sinful Sugar Sugar

Sinful Vacation Time, a nice mauve creme:
Sinful Vacation Time

Sinful Let Me Go, a nice lavender frost with a duochrome goldish/blue duochrome shimmer. On the sheer side:
Sinful Let Me Go

Sinful Rich In Heart, black jelly with red shimmer:
Sinful Rich in Heart


  1. Oh WOW! So wish we could get Sinfuls in Oz (well - we get some wishy washy Sinful colours in reject shops sometimes, but apart from that, not really). Frenzy is making me frenzied!

  2. 0o0o i want want gorjuz colours

  3. oh these are all so at missing the sale..i never had a chance to go by walgreens

  4. I really love the vacation time one!

    Happy Tuesday!


  5. I haven't seen these yet and I was just in my Walgreens last week, hmmm I might need to make another stop in and see if they got them!

  6. Howdy!

    May I ask how many coats did you put of Sinful I Love You, a nice purple shimmer??

    It's a lovely colour! :)

  7. Ooh, the Rich in Heart and See You Soon are just luscious. I'm pretty sure my hometown drugstores don't carry Sinful (although I usually shop at CVS rather than Walgreen's, because CVS is much closer), but I'm on a business trip right now so I'll have to check out the local Walgreens.

  8. eck around guys, one of my local Walgreens does not have these, another does. You may need to visit more than one.

    Miss, I Love You is only two coats!

  9. Love them all. I need See You Soon. I just found four of them this past weekend. I got Nail Junkie, Call You Later, I Miss You and All About You. You have gorgeous nails.

  10. hello from croatia!!
    i absolutley love this nail polishes!
    do you know by any chance where can i get them online and that they ship to europe, croatia to be precise!
    thanks a lot