Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Month of Zoyas! - Zoya Jade

Well today is our last day in the two month daily Zoya-Fest I have been throwing. I only have two more Zoyas you haven't seen, Jade and Jo, and Jo isn't swatched. So that's it my dears! For now. Thoughts on Zoya - good formula. Pretty much universally all of their polishes have a good formula, not too runny, not too thick, and their thinner, Renew, works in a jiff for any thickness. It's easy to apply and while I'd like a thicker OPI type brush, the brush is just fine, basically.

I'd love to see more glitters in the future, more of their stunning mattes, more color exploration (they definitely seem to be going that way so I expect a super future). I'd LOVE more large grain shimmer polishes like the Truth Collection! And I would die for a glass fleck collection from them. Maybe a couple holographics in their hottest colors, like Paris, imagine a hot VAMPY HOLO. And a blue glitter like Roxy but medium blue, like say China Glaze Blue Sparrow-ish?

Anyway it's been a hell of a ride. I still have to review their Color Lock System, I already have about 4 paragraphs written but I need to do the wear test over a few days and I have a lot of swatching. I'll try to get to that within a week.

Tomorrow sees the start of July, and a new daily polish! Every Day an Essie starts tomorrow, so join me!

As for my last daily Zoya, I picked a real beauty, a sumptuous red jelly stuffed with red glitter. Jade is delumpscious.

Zoya Jade:
Zoya Jade

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  1. This is such a gorgeous glittery color. I've enjoyed seeing all of your Zoya polishes. I don't have many Essie plishes. This will be interesting to see.