Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoya Matte Velvets - New Collection!

So now that I have a moment, let's talk about the new Zoya Mattes. There are three, one dark grey, Loredana, one black, Dovima, and one red, Posh.

The basics: these are thick, and start to dry FAST, like neons. LOAD your brush well, and do not hesitate. You can always clean afterwards. Slap that stuff on thick and do not go back and restroke polished areas! Just dive in. You can always remove and redo. One coat should be fine except for Loredana, which I found much thinner than Posh and Dovima. I needed two coats for Loredana.

Zoya instructions are to wear these polishes with no base or top coat. I will admit I DID use base coat in these pictures. My nails or too thin and ridgy not to. I had no loss of matte-riffic beauty. I have some matte topcoats coming in and will discuss if they are useful for these or not, but I did not use topcoat this time, shiny topcoat certainly would not work. I think they do not want polish slippage and problems from overlapping strokes, but I had pretty similar an experience with plain nail application and with base. Maybe be extra careful if you use base. This stuff is worth the extra time.

Dovima, the black, is gorgeous and so edgy. I think it's hot. I don't think you need to be Goth anymore to wear black nail polish, or even a rocker or metalhead. It's just cool, and would look great out on the town. Okay maybe not on Paris Hilton, but thank god for that anyway.

Zoya Dovima:

The grey is a nice dark grey, with a lot of texture. This required two coats, though your bottle may vary.

Zoya Loredana:

While I love the first two, I think Posh is the scene stealer here. It's a lovely deep wine red, and man this looks just like velvet. Red velvet. It has a shine that comes from below, like the shinier fabric that the velvet pile is based on, and it makes the whole nail look glowing and soft and deeply plush. I will need about four bottles of this, because what if I run out in 2023 or something???? God I love this.

Zoya Posh:

So there's the scoop. Use a bit of care and learn to work with this polish and you will be a knockout.


  1. Wow. They are all lovely. But you are right... Posh, all the way. But I'll get Dovima too, I'm sure!
    Any problems with removing the polish?

  2. No, polish was very easy to remove, tended to come off in a big lump.

  3. i heard that nubar makes a matte topcoat, so maybe you could put that over your nails when you use these polishes.

    i like the red one, it looks nice, but I'm still not jumping on the matte bandwagon just yet.

    how long did your mani last?

  4. Augusta, I took it off soon after to swatch the Truth or Dares, so I have no idea how long this lasts. While I was wearing it I cooked dinner and there was no damage to the nails, if that helps.

  5. Can't wait till I get all of these. The red one certainly is different. Your nails are so pretty. Love all the matte polishes lately.

  6. I would try use this matte colors but I think that I prefer shine in my nails.