Monday, June 8, 2009

Butter London - I'd Rather Have Sour Cream.

I got gifted the Butter London Fashionista's Favourites Spring/Summer 2009 Collection, thanks to the lovely Rebecca. She did it not as a favor, rather as a punishment. I shan't be telling you what she called them.

This collection, five polishes, one ashy bronze shimmer, four cremes in lilac, red, sun yellow, and sky blue, is within the boundaries of recent color trends, the blue resembles somewhat Essie's Shelter Island, the lilac Zoya's Malia, the bronze MAC's Mercenary. So while I am not gushing over the colors, they are pretty if not mind-grabbing. The blue is pretty but has been done before, the red is banal, the bronze is nice but not great, and the lilac is lovely but been done also. I think the standout is the nice yellow, Cheeky Chops. It's a sun yellow, not a mustard, not a neon, not a butter. It's not even lemon. It's different and therefore pleasing.

The BIG problem with these is the DISGUSTING FORMULA. Hot ass and Cheetos this formula is awful!!! Okay the shimmer is fine, if a bit watery, Just be careful with it and you should be able to control it okay. But the cremes! Take them from my sight and let them be lashed with thistles and cast into darkness (Sorry, reading the Bible for a class and I feel a bit unctuous). This is like half dried white glue. Copious amounts of polish thinner did little other than make it spread more like fresher glue. Only the red, after I added 25 drops of thinner to a brand new bottle, spread decently. I would not buy this polish, especially at its price, if this is what I got. Only a color that was absolutely stunning would get my cash. Oh and a final insult - the top is hard to put back on.

One positive note - this polish set quickly. After applying my second coat of red, the doorbell rang, and after getting my keys, a package, and inadvertently getting my fingers in a cat's face, my nails only had one tiny blemish. Nice!

And just an opinion, forget about runway trends in your nail polish collections, companies. Give us good colors, set your own trends. The fashion world and its bizarrities and seasons should not affect you. Let them come to you for inspiration, not the other way around. I'll still be using your best colors long after this season's hottest purse is on eBay because someone grabbed it then used it twice.

Butter London Artful Dodger:

Butter London The Old Bill:

Butter London Blowing Raspberries:

Butter London Cheeky Chops:

Butter London Muggins:

Tyler Durden's opinion of Butter London Spring/Summer 2009 Collection:
Bob had bitch tits.


  1. HAHAHA hot ass and cheetos i'm laughing soooo hard!!! i love it!

  2. I've been trying to find pictures of these forever. Thanks for posting them and pointing out the crappy formula.

  3. Wow! Really great and honest review! Thanks for swatching. The only one I'd consider is the yellow, because it is different and beautiful, but they look so nice in the bottles.

  4. The Old Bill and Artful Dodger are very pretty. Sucks about the crappy formula, but as you said, those colours are available elsewhere so yay!

  5. i kw exactly wat u mean, and for the price esp. for those of us in d uk, they must b kidding.