Monday, June 22, 2009

Sally Hansen Emerald City and Amour Rain Glitter Giveaways!!

I've heard quite a bit about Sally Hansen Emerald City. Yep, another green! I've heard it is extremely hard to find. Well some good news! Looks like Sally Hansen rereleased it with a bunch of other colors in a sort of old color revamp. I found it in Walgreen's in a display with a bunch of other polishes, all with new sort of titanium look caps, a black metallic look. I also found a couple with white tops. The metallized cap is mine, but YOU can have one of the white tops!

Just email me at with your name and ask to be entered in the drawing! I will hold it next Monday night!

But since this is another green and I had already had another contest in mind - this week we have a double giveaway!! I am also giving away a new bottle of Amour Rain Glitter thanks to my dear friend Rebecca! All you have to do is email me at and tell me YOUR favorite glitter, or why you don't wear glitter nail polish! My favorite response will win the bottle!! I will also announce the winner for this Monday, with the Emerald City winner.

This time the whole world can enter. So start those emails comin' and good luck!

Sally Hansen Emerald City:

Amour Rain Glitter:


  1. How nice of you too have these contests. Both are beautiful colors.

  2. Hi! I'm gonna keep an eye out at my local CVS for these re-releases! Rain Glitter looks so beautiful! I haven't heard of the brand before, is it new?
    Valerie Nicola

  3. Oooohhh how sweet of you !! These colors are gorgeous !

  4. I know Amour has been out at least a year Valerie, but I don't know much else about the brand. :D