Monday, June 29, 2009

Sally Hansen Emerald City and Amour Rain Glitter Giveaway Winners!!

This was a fun contest! I found a random number picker where you enter names and then it picks one by spinning them in a slot machine after you pull the handle. Cute! The random winner of the Sally Hansen Emerald City polish is Jessamine Pittar! Congratulations Jessamine!

The winner of the Amour Rain Glitter contest was harder to pick. I had some lovely suggestions, like OPI DS Coronation and Shanghai Shimmer, several votes for China Glaze Ruby Pumps (and why not, it's gorgeous!), Nilens Jord, BarryM Blue Glitter and Red Speckle by Santee. Some kind people entered for family and friends. Very sweet! Sally sent a VERY blingy animated entry that tickled me. Comments made about rain glitter were: "sex in a bottle", "all different colours of glitter in one... you can match... with every outfit".

I really liked the entries and it was hard to decide. Some notable entries were:

I would love to win the Amour Rain Glitter because it looks like christmas lights.

Who doesn't like glitter polish? Let me know and I will glitterize EVERYTHING they own. : )

My favorite is the Ulta Hollywood. The bright red satisfies my inner whore. Plus it is smoother to the touch and doesn't squick me out when I compulsively rub my nails.

But the winner had to be Lynne Rafferty. Her entry:
My favourite glitter polish that I've tried so far is Amour Blue. I am basically a glitter fanatic. I always have been. Glitter, sparkles, shimmer - if it is shiny, I want it. My mom has called me a crow since I was little. Amour Blue is just so dense, so sparkly it's unreal, and I love those big flat brushes that make it so very easy to apply.

Although it does look different, getting lost in the sparkliness of Amour Blue sort of reminds me of the car my parents had when I was little: a ginormous metallic baby blue 1985 Buick LeSabre. I was fascinated by the sparkly car paint in the sun as a kid. I wanted ALL paint to be sparkly like cars! My parents had always told us not to touch the car, a command I took very seriously until one day I could no longer resist the sparkliness as I walked by. Ever the trickster, I pulled my sleeve down over my finger and ran my finger up the side of the car. I had circumvented the rules by not DIRECTLY touching the car! Only some dirt got on my sweatercoat, but that's okay, I could just cut that part off and no one would be the wiser, right? (The thought processes of 5-year-olds.)

The end result of my childhood numbskullery is that the entire arm of the sweatercoat my mom knit for me unravelled because I was a dumbass and cut a chunk out of it to hide the fact that I had Touched The Car *gasp* which was the biggest no-no ever. Mom fixed the sweater, but she did not let that go for years.

And now that I'm back from my tangent, Amour Blue is as mesmerising to me now as that sparkly car paint was to me as a kid. Ooh, shiny!

Congratulations, Lynne, enjoy your polish, and I will see you all very soon with another giveaway!!!

Sally Hansen Emerald City:

Amour Rain Glitter:


  1. Congrats to the winners. I really enjoyed their entries. Especially Lynne's. That is really funny and endearing.

  2. Holy crap! I won! Yay, thank you! What an awesome thing to come home to after a crappy work day. Also, holy crap, I didn't realise just how TL;DR my entry actually was. I just write and I keep going. Ack!

  3. HELLO FROM AUSTRALIA!!!! Guess what just arrived in my mail box today? My lovely 'Emarald City' nail polish!!! Thank you so much it is absolutely gorgeous and so different from what I have in my vast collection... I am very happy!! :)
    from Jessamine xox

  4. Oh I am so glad you got it Jessamine! Thanks for letting me know!! :D