Friday, June 12, 2009

Orly Minis! Try Some Orly...Cheap!

I'm ALL into the cheap. And if you have a lot of nail polish, let's face it you will never use it all. I have easily enough polish to wear a different color every day for a year and so when exactly will I use up a whole bottle??

Even if I did, at $1.79 at Transdesign, how can you go wrong? Orlys are pricey pretties. They also often sell a mini sampler of new collections. Why not save some cash?

Orly Calypso Breeze:

Orly Grape Glitz:

Orly Entourage:
Orly Entourage

Orly Life's a Peach:

Orly Razzmatazz:

Orly Witch's Blue:
Orly Witch's Blue

Orly Last Dance:


  1. Love the Witch's Blue. But I'm concerned that I might have too many blues..... is that possible?

  2. Witch's Blue will be perfect for this fall! It's gorgeous :)