Friday, June 12, 2009

Orly Minis! Try Some Orly...Cheap!

I'm ALL into the cheap. And if you have a lot of nail polish, let's face it you will never use it all. I have easily enough polish to wear a different color every day for a year and so when exactly will I use up a whole bottle??

Even if I did, at $1.79 at Transdesign, how can you go wrong? Orlys are pricey pretties. They also often sell a mini sampler of new collections. Why not save some cash?

Orly Calypso Breeze:

Orly Grape Glitz:

Orly Entourage:
Orly Entourage

Orly Life's a Peach:

Orly Razzmatazz:

Orly Witch's Blue:
Orly Witch's Blue

Orly Last Dance:


  1. I love Orly :) I've always been against minis, but you're so right - when will I ever use it!? Cheap is good when collections get big. Has anyone else ever tried to figure out how much they've spent on nail polish! Take the average price of your nail polish (maybe $5-8 depending) and just multiply by however many you have. If I hadn't bought that much nail polish and not spent that money, I'd be rich (but with naked nails).

    I like Life's a Peach and Calypso Breeze

  2. Love the Witch's Blue. But I'm concerned that I might have too many blues..... is that possible?

  3. Witch's Blue will be perfect for this fall! It's gorgeous :)