Friday, June 19, 2009

Zoya Truth and Dare Fall 2009 Collections!

I am VERY happy with these polishes. Rich jewel tones are exactly my style, and I love these. The formula is Zoya's usual one, it's decent and easily controllable if you don't overload your brush. These needed only two coats for full coverage, both shimmers and creme/jellies. They were easy to apply and beautiful.

Let's start with the Dare Collection. These are six warm dark shades mostly based on purple. These are supposedly cremes, but I think they are mostly jellies. There is one shimmer, Ibiza, a midnight blue. These apply easily. I added a bit of Zoya Renew to Ciara, but most were fine without thinning.

Envy, the green is a very dark jungle type green. It has a bit of brown in it, it kind of reminds me of a rubber tree plant. I think the green fans will really like it, though it is NOT a Nars Zulu dupe. I would have preferred an emerald green more in keeping with the other jewel tones, but Envy is pretty.

Zoya Envy:

Zoya Ibiza, the midnight blue sapphire, is the only shimmer in this collection. It's an understated shimmer but is noticeable:

Zoya Ciara is a juicy berry shade:

Zoya Demi is a rich warm purple with some red in it:

Zoya Pinta is a deep glowing royal purple:

Zoya Vanessa is the red of the bunch, but it has some blue in it, so it is somewhat like a garnet or a raspberry:

The Truth part of the double Collection is just flat out stunning. It is all shimmers in warm coppery reds, gold and pinks, and not only is it heavy on the shimmer, but it also has flecks like microglitter in there for big spangle effect shimmer. Not only that but I bet there is aluminum powder or something in there to make them a bit metallic. WOW these are HOT. Maybe a tad more color range would have been nice, I can't help imagining how beautiful Envy would be with this shimmer, and maybe a blue not as dark as Ibiza. But I'll settle for these.

Zoya Penny is a lovely coppery gold:

Zoya Kalmia is more a true copper with plenty of gold shimmer:

Zoya Salma... what can I say. My picture cannot do it justice. It's like Kalmia but redder, and i swear I see a faint dark pink and gold duochrome on it sometimes. It's simply stunning and I wish I could capture it better:

Zoya Isla, a hot burgundy red:

Zoya Anaka, a deep magenta full of big flecks of shimmer and a blurple shine to it that complements it beautifully:

Zoya Drew, a pinky mauve with tons of shimmer that I expected to be meh about but turns out to really like a lot:

If you are like me, you'll want them all! I hope I helped make your selections!


  1. i can see myself getting penny, pinta, and envy in the near future

  2. yea! thank you so much for another thorough post on new polishes.. yes, I want them all, but you have helped me (again!) to make my final decision... well, at least for the first round of buying!

  3. Oh such a cute colors, good job, thank you for the post, very useful :)

  4. I wished I'd seen your post before I ordered. I ordered the matte colors and a few others. I can't remember what others. I hope it was Envy and Ibiza. There is something about Demi that I love. I like the Truth collection also. What gorgeous colors they all are. Your nails look so pretty. Every color looks lovely on you.

  5. Thanks guys glad to help! I love these collections more by the day.