Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Zoya Matte and Zoya Truth and Dare Collections!

I got chips of the Zoya Truth, Dare and Matte Collections yesterday!!

Let's start with Matte. Matte consists of three polishes, a black named Dovima, a grey named Loredana, and a dark red named Posh. The colors are rich and should make lovely mattes. They have a velvet appearance in the chips. They come out on July 1, so not a long wait for these! I will soon, I am sure, have real swatches on nails to show you! These are meant to be worn without base or topcoat. Now I am not happy about the base idea, but I will experiment with these when I get them and give you the rundown. Zoya says these will have less staying power, not having base or top coat and a different formula. This is to be expected and I see no problem with it.

Zoya Dovima:

Zoya Loredana:

Zoya Posh:

On to the Truth and Dare Fall 2009 Collections. Truth is a set of six warm colors that range from a gold with a bit of orange, through orangey reds, to blue reds, to pink. These are jewel tones, not pastels, or runway weirdness, or chalky. These are shiny, rich, deep colors in glowing shades. Chips can only tell us so much, but I am not expecting to be disappointed with these! These come out July 15, with the Dare Collection.

The Dare Collection is six cremes in darker shade which also appear to be jewel tone, from red, through reddish purple, to green to dark blue. the dark blue, Ibiza, has a "subtle shimmer". I think it will probably be like the shimmer in some of the reds, it matches the tone so enhances the color rather than making the nail appear to be sparkly. Once again, only so much from chips, but these look exciting and I expect to have bottles soon and believe me will photograph them six ways to Sunday! These come out July 15!! Start saving up now!!

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  1. Very pretty collection. I don't know which polish I like the most. Their all so beautiful.