Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Claire's/Icing Polishes

Claire's Yel seemed to be a big hit so I thought I'd mention a few more Claire's and Icing (a sister store) polishes. Claire's and Icing are in most malls in the USA, and polishes are usually buy one polish at $4.50 and get one 50% off. they also sell small sets of mini bottles of polish and single mini bottles separately. The formula varies but is generally fine and not hard to use.

I already reviewed some Claire's 3-in-1 polishes here, and Claire's Yel is here.

Claire's website:

Icing Website:

Icing Roger That:
Icing Roger That

Icing Awkward:
Icing Awkward

Claire's Fabulous:
Claire's Fabulous

Claire's Meg Peg:
Claire's Meg Peg

Claire's Blue Crush:
Claire's Blue Crush

Icing Steamy:
Icing Steamy


  1. omg omg omg g0rjuzzzzzz colours i wanttt sommee , i dont think they sell these in aus

  2. Thank you so much for the post, this is very helpeful for me :)

  3. Interesting.....Icing's bottles look just like China Glaze bottles.

  4. Great swatches- Now I'm itching to get down to claire's, I've never noticed their polishes before!