Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comparison of Zoya Matte Velvets and ManGlaze Matte Polishes

So how close are ManGlaze Mattes Fuggen Ugly and The Death Tar and Zoya Matte Velvets Dovima and Loredana? The answer is a lot and not much.

Zoya Loredana and ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly are both dark grey, Loredana being lighter. The big difference here is Zoya's polish is far more matte. I think it is the clear winner here. Loredana has a slightly better formula than the other two Zoya mattes, but ManGlaze is the clear winner in ease of application, having a formula almost indistinguishable from regular nail polish. Zoya's is thicker and stickier. But the winner despite formula, for me, is Loredana.

Top to Bottom:
ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly
Zoya Loredana

In the black category, Zoya Dovima is pitted against ManGlaze The Death Tar. The colors here are again similar, but Dovima is a lighter black, with a more velvet soft matte finish. It is again more matte than the manGlaze offering. But the formula once again is better with ManGlaze - it's far easier to work with. I prefer the darker color of the ManGlaze, and the finish of Zoya Dovima. Here I'd say they tie, and you need both. Yay for needing both!

Top to Bottom:
ManGlaze The Death Tar
Zoya Dovima

On Twitter I begged Mr. ManGlaze to make us some new colors. As I asked yesterday, why not the colors of forest and desert camouflage?


  1. Very useful, thank you so much for the post!! Right on time for me, because i am in search for the good matte

  2. So nice to see them swatched together. I already ordered the Zoya's. Oh well, I'm sure I'll still love them.

  3. i actually like the man glazes better than the zoyas. i think the sparkle helps them not to look too flat and blah