Monday, October 19, 2009

Color Club Japan Only?? Glitters!

I dunno anything about these glitters. I think they are a Japanese exclusive. They aren't even on Color Club's site, and frankly I am too lazy to email and ask them. Imagine that, being too lazy to email.

They have varying amounts of that beautiful, soft opalescent glitter I really love, and are pretty shades. The major drawback I found was these are MAJORLY gloppy. They're like spreading jelly with a nail polish brush. One of these took about THIRTY drops of polish thinner before I could even apply it. Maybe I got bad bottles. But these were a nightmare. A pretty, shiny, glittery nightmare. They're all sheer bases, with the darkest being the least sheer. All of these are three to FOUR coats, no topcoat. They dried pretty fast, though.

From lightest to darkest:

Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter. This is basically just glitter in a base so lightly tinted it makes no difference. The thing it's here for is the glitter. Tons of opalescent glitter. This was the thickest of the polishes.
Color Club Limited Edition Pink Glitter

Color Club Sakura Glow has the least amount of glitter, and only a small wash of pink. Would be nice as a layering glitter.
Color Club Sakura Glow

Color Club Strawberry Sharbet. Yes I know it's sherbEt, it's not my error. Slightly more glitter than Sakura Glow, and a bit more color to the jelly.
Color Club Strawberry Sharbet

Color Club Strawberry Candle is the darkest of the pinks and it's a keeper, in my opinion.
Color Club Strawberry Candle

Color Club Too Violet. It has the most opacity, and I think it's very pretty!
Color Club Too Violet

Not sure this collection is a must have. I really like the two darkest ones, though. I found these at Victoria Nail Supply.


  1. The first four are a Japanese exclusive. I ordered them also. Too Violet is the most gorgeous of all. I wish the base was darker for the first four. We'll just have to use them for layering. They are very pretty. I had to thin mine also. Not as much as you did!

  2. I love, very love the purple. I would try to layer it over red!

  3. too violet is gorgeous :D
    i think the other "lighter" shades are great for layering