Monday, October 5, 2009

O! A Daily OPI! - 3 Days Worth!

So I went on a mini-vacation. My laptop has a different resolution than my desktop, and my pics often look weird in it. So I wanted to not post til I got home. So we get three OPIs today!!

OPI DS Exclusive, a gorgeous deep rose holo:
OPI DS Exclusive

OPI Basque in the Sun, a shimmery golden brown:
OPI Basque In the Sun

and OPI Silver Sparkler, for when you absolutely, positively need to twinkle.
OPI Silver Sparkler


  1. Finally I have something, the DS Exclusive! Love these. So gorgeous. That silver is amazing. I've never seen this swatched either. Basque In the Sun I'm not that thrilled about.

  2. is basque in the sun new? and what collection is the last one from?

  3. I got the DS Exclusive and was underwhelmed. I dont know what I was expecting. It looks gorgeous in all the pictures on the blogs. Maybe I need that blue one you posted earlier?

  4. Silver Sparkler has some fire! First time I've seen that one.