Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Color Club Wild At Heart Fall 2009 Collection

FINALLY I have these. I am in love with this set. It's got great vibrant colors, a healthy helping of holographic glitter, and only one boring color. Even the boring color has glitter! The formula is good, Color Club formula is nice and manageable for the most part, though frosts are almost always streaky and the ones in this set are pretty much no exception.

Onto the colors!

Color Club With Abandon is a strangely named black jelly with large grain brown shimmer. It manages to be dark but STILL be brown!! Would OPI please take notice?? Easy to apply since it's a jelly, needs two or more coats. I woulda named this one Do It In the Dirt.
Color Club With Abandon

Color Club On the Wild Side... ah here's that aforementioned streaky frost. What a waste of a gorgeous shade. Pure frosts like this look so old-fashioned and messy. But what a color!
Color Club on the Wild Side

Color Club Wild at Heart, well, I don't think I have ever taken a better picture. It applies like a dream, and looks like it was sprayed on by a professional. Trust me, this one will look just as good on you. It's not a holographic, but it has enough holo glitter to pack a very nice punch and to look sleek and shiny. And what a great, deep purple.
Color Club Wild at Heart

Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em, huh? I woulda named this Renegade Attorney, or Slightly Naughty Secretary. It's BEIGE. This needed to be canned and replaced by a rich ruby red with holographic glitter. they could have filled a large need in the polish world but gave us something you could probably get away with at work, but frankly is too boring for anywhere else, despite the nice holo glitter.
Color Club Love 'em Leave 'em

Rule Breaker is a gorgeous teal frost but it has so much shimmer added as well that it applies a bit better than On the Wild Side. Beautiful color, just I think it'd be best worn without color coordinating your clothes with it.
Color Club Rule Breaker

Color Club Wild and Willing is not done justice by my picture. It's a slightly sheer golden brown jelly with very vibrant shimmer. It reflects tons of light. it also has a small shot of gorgeous rose/green duochrome. Just fabulous.
Color Club Wild and Willing

So why am I so interested in the names? Who knows. I know no one cares about the names. They just made me go WTF this time. Heh.


  1. I'm glad to see you swatched Wild At Heart... I was on the fence about getting that color, but now that you've done it justice I've made up my mind. :D

  2. I love the whole collection, even the boring beige :D can´t belive myself!

  3. I bought the whole collection. Love them all. I wore Wild and Willing for a week with minimal tip wear. Pretty good for me. I always get chips. They all look gorgeous on you. I like the beige also.

  4. I have this collection too, I love it to bits!

  5. The whole collection is a winner! There is not a color I'm not swooning over. Thanks for showing this!

  6. Totally agree about Wild Side. Boring.
    But Wild at Heart is a must-get.

  7. I love love love love this collection! I feel like I need them all. :D

  8. That purple is amazing. I keep thinking I should order it.