Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Greens I Picked up for $1 Each!

I think you might really like these two polishes I picked up this weekend.

First, I got Rimmel Camouflage, in the clearance bucket at Ulta for $1. You may want to check your store for this. It's more frosty than I like but the color and the hint of gold shimmer to this are gorgeous.
Rimmel Camouflage

Later I was shopping at WalMart for cat litter (yes, WalMart IS evil, and I damn it to hell, but I do get cat litter there) and saw a display of Halloween makeup. For $1 they have mini bottles of polishes, black, orange, I think white, and this little gem below. It has no name or even brand, it's just in black and orange packaging in the makeup section. But wow, what a great color!!
WalMart $1 Halloween Polish

Enjoy if you go find them!!


  1. Omg, how did Camouflage end up at the clearance bin? It's gorgeous! I'd get a few backup if it's on clearance here, lol

  2. Nice greens! I always waffle about picking up the Rimmel, I just can't decide if I truly want it or not. Agreed on Walmart. I get my kitty litter there too. And I had to have some of the Hard Candy polish. Boo me. ;)

  3. ohh.. i like them both... i heart green...

  4. I never go to Walmart. Love the shade of green. Isn't this Rimmel some sort of Holy Grail polish? I don't own it but I'd like to. Very pretty greens on you.

  5. Ooh, I like the second one! Looks a bit darker than Enchanted Forest, which I've been eyeing forever.
    My Walmart really isn't that bad, so I'll have to check this out!