Saturday, October 31, 2009

Essie A Sweet Time Of Year Collection

I am not buying these, guys, so no swatches, but I did try them out today at Ulta. The Sweet Time of Year Collection is three polishes, a baby pink, a mint green, and a red. Same good Essie formula.

The pink is basically a French manicure color. It's a super sheer wash of baby pink. Reminded me a lot of their Yes We Can pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's not worth it, in my opinion. The red is a nice semi-opaque jelly. It's a kind of geranium petal red, very brash. It has a nice feeling to it though. One coat gives a jelly semi-translucence, two coats full coverage. The mint is a nice bluish mint green, and had it been a jelly I would have gotten it too. But it was a creme, so I passed. Ulta has these buy one at $8.00 get one 50% off, or you can wisely buy the mini pack at Transdesign, or the full bottles much cheaper.


  1. Mmm...Love that mint color, but I'd like it better in February, or even May. Nice though.

  2. The mint green one is interesting, but the marketing for it was weird. A mint candy apple sounds absolutely disgusting to me. The colour, however, is pretty.

  3. Danica no one LET me test them. I just did, one polish to a finger. LOL!

    Glock, yeah the color is not bad, but true, mint candy apples sound gross.

  4. The only one I want is the Mint Candy Apple.